Most mundane, pointless thing I've ever posted

This scrapes the bottom, but I have to tell someone…

I’m sitting enjoying a cup of coffee (and some Dope on the store’s WiFi) in the snack bar area of my local fancy-schmancy grocery store.

A store employee is sitting at a table near me, clearly “on break.” He’s playing with his iPhone, texting, surfing, whatever-- I can see the phone from where I’m sitting.

*He just asked me what time it is. *


I fear for our country. And our grocery stores.

When people ask me questions where the answer is literally right in front of them, I answer “The Bears.”

Returning from vacation I’m always a bit nervous going through immigration. The Homeland Security dudes are scary and will ask the same question several times, as if maybe I’m Pablo Escobar in disguise and they’re gonna trip me up.

So, last month the guy asked me what time it was. With a straight face I replied that I’d shut my phone off as directed by the signage, so I did not know. He smiled and gestured toward my left wrist, where I have a watch tattooed (a Rolex, no less). I looked at my wrist and said, again with a totally straight face, “that’s not a watch, but an artistic representation of a watch that I had tattooed on my wrist.”

At that point he laughed and told me he wasn’t a bad guy, he was just doing his job. He asked what time the watch face showed and I answered, “4:20”. Now he totally lost it. He told me that, off the record, he was on my side.

Anytime anyone asks me a question that begins with the word ‘where’ (where did you get… where can I find… where is the …), my reflex answer is “the Internet”. It works 99% of the time.

The default browser on my Samsung Galaxy S4, in an effort to increase real estate, hides the status line which has a clock in it. This means I need to <swipe down> to see the time.
Ummm, other than that I got nuthin’.

My favorite Woody Allen line is appropriate for almost every situation “what an @sshole

You haven’t posted anything mundane and pointless until you make a post. And get no responses in over 10 years :slight_smile:

I have started a couple of threads that got one post. And I think there’s one that got no replies at all.

I submit he was attempting to chat you up. It’s called “breaking the ice”.

Sometimes the attempt is feeble. Sometimes the ice just ain’t gonna break.

This here sounds like a little of both.

Well… he said “Ma’am!” several times before I looked up from my kindle, asked me what time it was, went right back to his phone [did he know that one can usually find the time on one’s smart phone?], then got up without another glance because presumably his break was over, and walked away. But thanks for that thought.

When someone asks me the time in an odd situation, I like to respond “When?”

I’d like to suggest that somebody start a thread (it won’t be me!) asking for links to any zero response threads that are over a year old. I have quite a few. I have even reposted some of them over time and a few of the reposts got at least one reply.

I recall an old thread on this topic from years ago when a couple other folks and I had fun with the concept.

Someone once asked Yogi Berra what time it was. He responded, “You mean now?”

I ask, “Where?”

Where is the ‘like’ button on this board?

I guess it’s time for Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is

Awhile back somebody posted a list of threads that had the fewest responses and the fewest views I didn’t make the list luckily.

I approve of this response, and reserve the right to steal it.

I’m so confused!