Most of my life, I've lived within 10 miles of...

…the intersection of Yosemite and Park Avenues in San Jose.

…Mrs. T’s Pierogies Headquarters.

A McDonalds.

A tree.

The Pacific Ocean.

Birch, oak, maple, redwood? Could you be more specific, please? :smiley:

A lake.

The largest basic training base in the US (and for all I know, the world.) It’s just since I’ve moved into this house about two miles from my parents’ that I don’t hear small arms fire and bugles all the time. (If there really was a sudden land war in town, I’d never notice.)

A major city.

A piano.

Two harbours, a number of volcanic cones, freshwater springs and creeks, tropical gardens, a CBD, and most of my friends.

US interstate 101

The tropopause.

My wife…

Brendon Small

The ocean. Right now, about 500 metres from it.

Nowhere in particular.

A Big Ten university

A body of water.

[ul][li]The atlantic.[/li][li]My home town[/li]My wife. Although I didn’t know it.[/ul]

The hospital I was born in, my highschool and my current workplace.