Most shaggable member of ABBA

It goes without saying that ABBA was, hands-down, the sexiest of all the sexy 70s-era Swedish pop groups with an international following. But I’ll say it anyway: ABBA was hands-down the sexiest of all the sexy 70s-era Swedish pop groups with an international following.

The only thing left to debate is which of the four members of this ridiculously sexy group was the sexiest. I don’t care your gender or sexual preference. Sexiness this sexy trumps all other biological functions. Let your animal lust be your guide.

Was it:

Frida by a long shot.

I’m not inclined to men but I can still usually spot an attractive one…don’t see either of those dudes as shaggable.

I’ll take that five-part harmony, if you don’t mind.

Definitely Frida. There’s just something about Agnetha’s face that bugs me, but I’m not sure exactly what it is…

Agnetha? If u dont hit it right she turn u into a newt.

Same here, although Agnetha’s bum almost makes up for it.

I prefer Agnetha just a wee bit over Frida, but they were both amazing!


Cat shirts, platform shoes, sequined bib overalls and ascots. You’ll be in your bunk.

Frida by a hair, but Agnetha can watch and provide help as needed.

Flip the two above and you have my answer.

The men aren’t sexy or there’re just not enough female respondents? The poll must have a gender qualifier.

Frida. Then and now. I had to do an image search for both ladies. They were nowhere near the top of my shaggable 80s singers.

Frida. She wants people to know she’s hot.

The ladies.
Back Then

Frida, though I’d love to do a little Swedish meatballing with Agnetha too. :o

I’ll take Frida for both.

Tonight the super trouper
Lights are going to find me
Shining like the sun!

Well of course, its the redhead. :wink:

Redheads are always hot. I like brunettes too.

Never quite found blondes as interesting. <shrug> I don’t know why.

Yup. Still invited.

I’ll take Agnetha. Follow up thread should be most shaggable member of Ace of Base.