Most Teeth-Grindingly Annoying Reality Show Contestants

I don’t watch a lot of reality TV, in fact the only one I watch regularly is Amzing Race, but I have seen others. My nominee is

Flo, Amazing Race Season 3
Anyone who watched the show knows this is a no-brainer, at leastin the AR world. Flo was basically carried around the world to the finish line by her partner. Along the way she must’ve quit a hundred time, complained about everyhting, whined, did nothing along the way to help her team win. ALthough she wasn’t mean to her partner, she hardly recognized the fact that he and he alone was the only reason she was going to get a big payday. And of course, that is most maddening of all - she freaking won! Current contestant Mirna grates, but she has a long long long long long way to go to be Flo.

My runner up is Veronica, Road Rules/Real World challenge. I don’t really plan on watching these, but since MTV pplays all their shows over and over and over and over again, eventually I see them. And every time Veronica I see Veronica i seethe. She is actually a good player in the events, but she is back-stabing and dishonest and she does all her lying with a smug look on her face that makes me want to scream.

You must admit, though, she does seem willing to put for the effort to attain Flo-like levels of horribleness. Of course, if she doesn’t win – and she can’t possibly, can she? – Flo’s crown is safe.

I think there is a fundamental difference, Mirna is horrible in with the other contestants, but iti s arace and no one says they need to be friends (not that she shouldn’t be more sporting, courteous, etc.). But she does work with her teammate and is participatory in the event. She may be horrible, but at least she races. Flo on the other hand was almost the opposite, she was annoying and most importantly not helping, she was barely racing and putting everything on her partner, who was a saint (the name escapes me, arrgghh!!). She was not only not helping, she was making it much much harder to win. Mirna is not doing that.

I nominate “Puck,” the bicycle messenger, from The Real World: San Francisco. He was an immature, conceited, confrontational little prick who thought that he was being “real” by being an asshole.

I nominate Scott from Big Brother 5.

  1. He’s mean - he called Diane ‘trailer trash’ and smiled when he found out she was crying about the insult

  2. He’s (along with Jase) manipulating Michael to do whatever he says, treating him like a prison bitch (not that Michael is without blame here, but anyway…)

  3. Thinks he’s God’s gift and whipped out his penis to show everyone how “big” he is–when most BB fans have seen the Playgirl pictures and, no, he’s not.

  4. Wants Michael to try to con his half-sister into voting their way (which will never happen)

  5. Doesn’t know how to spell ‘cheese’ - okay, not a hateable trait, but it’s a little more fuel for the fire :smiley:

Those are just off the top of my head. If I had more time, I’d post more.

I think it might be a tie between him, Omarosa from The Apprentice and Tammy from Trading Spouses.


Mirna’s bitching about the freakin’ meat in the first episode wasn’t exactly the most brilliant example of teamwork I’ve ever seen. I admit, Flo was 10 times worse – but Mirna really is putting her shoulder to the wheel of increasing her own loathsomeness.

I read the OP title as “Most teeth” — “Grindingly Annoying Reality Show Contestants”.

Omarosa from The Apprentice definitely has the most teeth, and she was grindingly annoying. She’s been mentioned in all the Apprentice threads, so an annoyance list would probably be redundant.

She’s at the Democratic Convention, says she’s raising money for Kerry, and yeah, she’ll run for office someday. (Bet she “loses” the money.)

I can’t believe people are still talking to/about her!

Um what? Playgirl pictures? ~wrinkles nose~ I thought he was kinda cute the first day, but his attitude makes him completely undesirable. Not to mention the fact that I would hate to have to whip his butt for using my Chi hair straightener. (What is up with those guys?)

I think the couple that won the first Amazing Race were damned annoying. The brothers and Mirna/Charla are quite annoying this year.

From Real World/Road Rules, I nominate Coral. She’s just a stone cold witch.

Since Survivor is the only reality show I watch, I’ll go with:

Dirk the Christian from Survivor Season One.

Joanne the Christian from Survivor: The Amazon.

Kimmi the Vegetarian from Survivor: Africa.

Jerri the “Actress” and Would-Be Girlfriend of Colby from Survivor: Australia.

There is currently a difference, but Mirna is certainly trying to match Flo’s lofty status. The reasons I think Mirna has a chance of making me jump off of a tall building:

  1. If I remember correctly, Flo’s true evil did not appear right away. Sure, she was a little whiny and slow, but a lot of people are as they get used to the race. Flo didn’t really start complaining, dragging, and repeatedly quitting until a good 5 or 6 episodes in. I think Mirna is tracking along this path quite nicely.
  2. Mirna showed early stages of being a quitter in the meat hauling challenge. She shows misplaced blaming ability by faulting everyone else even if she is the one that randomly drove in the wrong direction.
  3. Flo was consistently mean towards Zach, but only vaguely irritating to other teams. Mirna has about two teams at this point she hasn’t had an altercation with and she is a constant nag to her teammate. “C’mon Charla, run faster” is likely a macro in her brain at this point.
  4. Mirna will be tainted by her partner. Flo wasn’t. Zach was a pretty decent guy. Quiet, unassuming, but he dealt with his partner as best he could and was clearly a great racer to win with her baggage. Charla looks great in comparison to Mirna, but her constant desire to show the world she can get by on her own as a midget, and then turn around and consistently use her midgetness as a bargaining chip to stay in the race smacks of a hypocrisy that only promises to further annoy.
  5. No alpha male teams. It seemed unlikely Flo could win, with a lot of dual athletic male teams. Mirna has no such obstacle to overcome.

I also fully know that on the first non-elimination leg that Mirna will come in last just to spite me.

Y’know, I never found Dirk annoying. He was a little Jesus-centered, but it wasn’t like he was trying to foist off his beliefs on anyone else. Still, he was a lazy little bastich, and skinny as all hell. I’m surprised he didn’t get sicker before he was cast out.

I’d go along with these. Too much mouth and too little activity for each. Plus, I’ve still not forgiven Kimmi for blabbing to the following team that Jeff Varner had a vote cast against him, costing the guy the opportunity to stick around after the merge.

I think Jerri Manthey is one of the most misunderstood players of all time. She was playing it cutthroat style, so it’s no surprise she got her throat cut in the end, but I still believe she wasn’t as evil as she was edited. I actually hated Amber Brkich a lot more that season, and even more in “Survivor: All-Stars”.

Stupid coattail-riding lackey. Worthless in every incarnation.

I know somebody’s going to stop by and say Jon “Johnny Fairplay” Dalton eventually, but let me tell you – I gain a lot more appreciation for what that guy did with each passing day. A pain in the ass, but a really great player. It’s tragic they didn’t choose him for All-Stars, because he would have been a lot more fun to watch than Lex or Big Tom.

The OP asked for most annoying contestants, not most “evil.”

Yeah, but she wasn’t annoying.

You want teeth-grindingly annoying? There’s really no contest here. The winner has to be that Boston guy from Average Joe Hawaii with the torturous Boston accent.


I’m sure he was a really great guy, but his voice actually made my teeth hurt.

The teeth-gratingly annoying ones are the ones that have no marketable talent but still won’t go away. At the top of that list right now is Elizabeth Kasselback (sp?) from one of the Survivors. I never watched it, so I have no idea what she was like, but now she’s on The View and I honestly can’t believe she was the best candidate they could come up with.

It came down to her, another reality reject Rachel from The Real World and Carnie Phillips. I knew Carnie wouldn’t get it because she’s a little older and they were looking for someone to fill the 20something age group. Also, it was obvious they were looking for someone with conservative Republican leanings to offset the liberal ladies but Rachel was just too far to the right. Elizabeth was only slightly less annoying than Rachel.

Elizabeth tries really hard to sound like she knows what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t, she just sounds stupid no matter what she says. And it’s even worse if she’s trying to be funny. Her voice is grating and she dresses funny and then touts herself as a fashion diva. I hope she soon succumbs to the curse of the other young View panelists.

Yeah, that’s Omarosa all right.

Well, not that anyone really watched Mad Mad House, but the few who did will never forget the horribleness that was Kelly. My God, was this girl annoying. She went out of her way to be the biggest drama queen and get attention. She even said as much during a chat after the ep. she was voted off in aired.

Oh, and I still don’t buy for a second that she didn’t know people pierced their genitals.

Scott from BB5 didn’t know what “confide” meant. If he’s lying about this, that makes him the most annoying person alive in the world today. If he’s telling the truth, he’s the most pathetic.

Real World has way too many annoying people to narrow it down to one. Off the top of my head, I can think of five. Julie from RW NO. Lockjaw Girl from RW Hawaii (with Amaya being a close second). David from RW LA. Kyle and Tanya from RW Chicago.

Johnny Fairplay was the most annoying Survivor contestant, hands down.

Even worse than anything she did while she was still in the running was after they brought the losing contestants back. (That was a trainwreck waiting to happen…)

My reality viewing is limited, so, from the shows I have watched (or used to watch):

Real World: David from LA and Puck from San Francisco (the first two people ever “voted off the island” so to speak) Jacinda Barrett from London (flightly little shitstirrer) David from New Orleans (arrogant for no visible reason) lockjaw poet girl from Hawaii who called herself something artsy but is really named Elizabeth or something, Coral from NY2 (bitch on wheels) and whiny kidney girl from Chicago, the last season I could stomach watching.

Road Rules: Annoying Black Photographer Kid who went to Howard from season one (who stole kisses from the young Native American girl against her wishes), Abe, from Latin America, the most juvenile Road Ruler ever and Pua from Semester at Sea, confrontational and argumentative beyond words.

Last Comic Standing: Dat Phan (season 1), Todd Glass (season 2)

Big Brother/Amazing Race: Allison! Allison! Allison!

But he wasn’t even that great of a player. He was the annoying guy that was kept around because everyone knew he had no shot at the million.

You might earn a few extra bucks and noteriety that way, but you get no respect that way and the viewing audience will hate you.