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Is there a chart anywhere with the threads with the most views (or even most posts)?

As much as anything, I was interested in where the mega-LOTR thread stood ATMIT.

I think it’s the winner by a long shot.

Estimates I’ve heard have put at #1, with about eight times as many views as #2.

Actually, it’s very easy to find out which thread in any forum has the most views. At the bottom of the thread index in the forum front page, there are three drag-down menus. Set them to “number of views”, “descending”, and “the beginning”. I don’t think this is nearly as processor-intensive as a search, since it’s just looking at the index of threads, but you might want to limit how much you do it anyway.

I see that in MPSIMS, there’s one thread with about 39,200 views, one with about 19,400 views, and so on. Cafe Society has one at 245,200, one at 12,400, and so on. If the MPSIMS thread is indeed #2, and I suspect that it is, then the LotR thread has it beat by a factor of about 6.3.

I did a thread about this, although I concentrated on the last year. Most Popular Threads of 2002. The LOTR thread was indeed one of the most popular.

And sure is now.

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