Most popular threads by forum

I have recently seen several different candidates mentioned as the most popular. I suggested that the A thread had the most replies and the If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!? had the most views.

In the interest in fighting ignorance, albeit Mundane & Pointless Stuff here are the forum by forum results.

Game Threads generate the most replies but not the most views by a long shot.

The most viewed thread of all time on the SDMB is If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!? Followed by Scylla’s brilliant The horror of blimps.

It turns out the most posted to is actually the a thread. It had 5,337 posts

Threads with most replies.
TGR: Mafia V: The Cult of Sekham 4353
GQ: Are scalar weapons for real? 1,017
BBQ: Lying whore. 1,707
MPSIMS: a 5,337
Café: #1 All Diablo2 Talk here… 2,814
Café: #2 If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!? 2,041
IMHO: Spit or Swallow? A followup poll TMI? 1,032
GD: Fork Hillary 3: The Final Forking 2,949
ATMB: The SDMB is switching to paid subscriptions 668
CCC: Flight and the Conveyor Belt 536
CSR: Edgar Cayce 183

Threads with most views.
TGR: Werewolf a game Part 2 (this time with MAFIA!) 90,284
GQ: Is there any reason that semen would be bad for my fish? 76,117
BBQ: The horror of blimps392,132
MPSIMS: Funny things said during love making/intimate moments… 89,528
Café: If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!?472,509 (BTW: 2nd in Café is only 47,356)
IMHO: Very vaguely creepy. 37,501
GD: I waterboard! 155,246
ATMB: Sticky: Beginner’s Guide to Glossary of Terms on Straight Dope Message Boards 14,130
CCC: Damn fool war21,324
CSR: Why you should never sign the back of credit cards6,035

This mundane and silly service brought to you by Jim.

Neat. How cool would it be to get THIS thread on your list?

Nah! It’ll never happen.

I suspect the ‘a’ thread will eventually fall as some of the Mafia Game threads are already getting into its range and I know a few of the D&D Setups threads could eventually grow to that size given a few years of slow posting.

I know there was a point durring Mafia: Seekham where we were actively trying to get the post count above “a”'s post count. I think those glory days of huge mafia games are over though. If our ME D&D game was all kept to a single thread it would absolutely pass all of them by eventually.

We’re on the fifth thread and they total 4,689. So the collection would soon pass the **a **thread but it would be unmanagable and where the **a **thread had dozens of posters, we only have a little over a dozen.

D & D on the Straight Dope setup thread. (In Middle Earth FA63) 1,159
Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game, the Game itself. 966
Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game, the Second Adventure, Scouting Ered Lithui. 991
Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game, Third Adventure, Ered Lithui Mystery Creature 1,446
Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game. Fourth Adventure. Journey to Rivendell 127