Most Well-Known Person named . . .

  1. Someone suggests a first name. Then the players try to determine who is the most well-known person with that name.

Example: Erica. Someone would toss in the possibility author Erica Jong.

Fictional examples can be used. (Example: Clarice Starling for Clarice.)

Stage names or pen names are allowed.

Person doesn’t have to have a last name. (Example: most well known person named Lenore could be Lenore from Edgar Allan Poe’s name The Raven.

Slight misspellings are allowed. (Ex Gennifer Goodwin for Jennifer.)

Names can be both genders.

Starting off: Blair


Blair Warner from* Facts of Life*

Blair Brown (actress on Fringe and The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, among other things.)

Encyclopedia Brown.

Probably shouldn’t count, since it’s just a famous urban legend that his name was Blair.
Blair Witch

If you’re referring to the boy detective, it’s well established in pretty much every book Donold Sobol wrote that his first name is Leroy.

So I have no idea where that urban legend would have originated.

Blair Thomas, running back from Penn State

Selma Blair

Renifer, you should probably build in some general rule for when we kick it over to the next name.

Tony Blair

Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell.

I think someone should do a study on how close to the beginning of a challenge like this the first violation of the ground rules will occur.

Will Smith - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

And we have a WINNER!

When DO we switch to a new name?

My two cents: all we have so far is a list of names of candidates; we have nothing to establish “most well-known” status. A poll might get closer to that, so might some follow-up lists by others who have seen the choices thus far.

For instance I could vote for:

Blair Witch
Blair Brown
Tony Blair
and the one I submitted before, Blair Underwood.

But unless we have some source that ranks these people in some “well-known” ranking, I am not convinced this first phase has done much besides making a list.

Since we haven’t heard back from the OP, I vote that we post a response to any name we feel we have an opinion on, and every poster needs to also provide a new name for people to cogitate.

I vote Blair Witch.

And, Constance.

Constance Hopkins.

And, Eloise.

Eric Arthur Blair, aka George Orwell (unless surname connection is explicitly disallowed).

Constance Queen of Sicily, wife of Emperor Henry VI, mother of the great Emperor Frederick II (called ‘Wonder of the World’).

Eloise of the Plaza Hotel.


Nathan Detroit from Guys and Dolls.

Nathan Hale.

ETA: Nathan, the Biblical prophet from King David’s time.

Nathan Fillion, of Castle and Firefly fame.