Mother Claims Genie Circumcised Baby
:eek: :eek: :eek:
“A mother has claimed that a genie circumcised her 10-month-old son while she was cooking breakfast, the state news agency Antara reported Thursday.”

Curse those evil genies. Is the UN helpless to intervene?

Maybe this explains JDT’s paranoia. Where did he say he was from…or did he?

Do you think the Genie was Jewish?


Maybe the JDT-nie will regenerate it for him.

If we’re talking a blue Robin Williams genie he’s not getting anywhere near my wedding tackle. OTOH if it’s Barbara Eden then… :smiley:

A Genie? Are they qualified?
When I was born, the doctor performed a circumcision on me. Despite his years and years of medical training, and practical experience, it was still almost a year before I was able to walk.

Excuse me, wouldn’t that be a moyle-lock?



a freiend sent me a link. I was SICK! it was a short clip of a primitive world circumcision. The bastards and bitches held the child and streched his dick then put a knife over it and hit the knife with a hammer. no more fore skin.

also no more glans penis

Maybe he got too close to the garage door opener?

:d and r:


sadly, he left the whole head for a tip. It was aweful. I no longer accept crap attachments from that person. It was not a fake and it was horrible.

I disclaim all responsibility for this incident. 'Tweren’t me, no sirree.

[Major Nelson] Jeannie! Have you been cutting off foreskins again? Jeannie![/Major Nelson]

Boy, some people make some weird-assed wishes. What were her other two? They obviously weren’t “oh, crap, put it back!” and “make sure nobody ever finds out about this.”

Imagine Michael Jackson playing the Genie…:smiley:

<shudder> The new monster of my nightmares.

[SWAT commander on bullhorn]Step away from the little boy’s penis[/SWAT]

What astounds me is that the article states that boys there are normally circumsized - but not until they’re 6 or 7 years old.

I can’t help thinking that if someone had suggested to me at age 7 that chopping off the tip of my wiener was a good idea, I don’t think I would have agreed.