Mothers Day - Any plans??

Sunday, March 12 is Mommy’s Day - another all-American excuse to buy candy, flowers, and cards. We’re driving to Ocala on Saturday evening to take my Mother-in-law to dinner, since the Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] has to work on Sunday. I’m not expecting a fuss to be made over me - sad but true.

But I think of all of you as my children, so if you are so moved… yeah, right, who am I trying to kid?!? :smiley:

So, anyway, whatcha gonna do for Mom?? Or Moms, what’s in store for you?

Happy Mother’s Day FairyChatMom and all mother’s of the SDMB!

I think we’re taking my MIL out to lunch and we’ll get her some flowers or something. I have no idea what my SO and my kids are going to do for me. My daughter has to spend the weekend with her father (my ex-husband) and won’t be home until 5 p.m. Sunday so I’ll only get to spend 3-4 hours of mother’s day with her. :frowning:

Dang, I forgot my own mother… but she lives 800 miles away, so she’ll get a call, and maybe a virtual card.

Thanks, Kiki, and a happy mom’s day to you!

Mumsy and the immediate family - sister, father and I - are going out to watch Star Wars II. I’ll refrain from MSTKing the movie.

Me, wife and kids are goiing to bring a bagels-and-cream cheese picnic lunch to Flushing Meadow Park and then play with the kids all afternoon. Possibly capped off by a BBQ for supper.

I’ll be taking Mom out to a nice little restored Inn for Brunch, three courses or so, kinda fancy. The other siblings will probably cover the flowers/chocolates thing as none of us can afford the kind of jewelry Mom likes. She has expensive tastes and cheap kids. :wink:

If it’s nice out, I’ll take her fishing. Otherwise, I’ll probably take her to the garden store so she can buy whatever flowers and vegetables she wants to grow this year. Maybe I’ll even pop for some daisies or something. :slight_smile:

Dim sum with my mother-in-law and the rest of the family, as we do every year. I rather enjoy it, as it’s one of the few times I get to go out for dim sum.

This is the first Mother’s Day that I’ve actually been a mother, so I dunno if MrWhatsit has anything special in store for me or not.

I get to play a good guy every once in a while and this week is as good a reason as any. I will have lunch with my great grand mother tomorrow, and dinner with my grand mother. Friday I will send them, along with my mother, flowers. I went in with my siblings to get her a gift that she has had her eye on for about four months, and we will give it to her when I go over to her house for Sunday breakfast. That night we will make her dinner, and clean up (about like every sunday but without the protests), and Monday I will take her out to lunch, Monday night the whole family will go out to eat. Many a card will be given and the words Queen for the day will be used for about a week, but dang it she’s my mom and sometimes needs to be spoiled.

i’ll send my mom something from calyx and corolla, and we’ll take her mom for a walk with the doggie, and we found a beautiful picture of the dead doggie i’m having blown up and framed; we’ll give her that.

As a daughter, I have already given my MIL her gift (we celebrated early) and tomorrow I will be mailing my mom hers (which is a subscription to a magazine and a bunch of fat quarters of quilt fabric). As a mom, I am not sure what I am getting, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were something to use in my garden. We generally do Mother’s Day pretty low-key in our immediate household.

My aunt is coming from Austin to visit for the day, my brother is coming down, and I’m not sure what we’re doing. I got my mom and dad tickets to see the Beach Boys in Biloxi Memorial Day weekend. I’m not sure what I’m getting, if anything.


Gonna call me mum in Myrtle Beach, wish her a happy MD, tell her what I’ve been up to.

Then I’m going mountain biking, weather permitting.

sigh Mom (and Dad) will be out of town, in a motor home somewhere between Michigan and Virginia. I guess I’ll give her a quick call, then do as I normally do on any other day.