Mother's Day (UK/Ireland) Gift Ideas List

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Ireland and I think in the UK this year on March 30th (Sunday a week)…

If you’re a mom, what sorts of gifts would you like to get?

If you’re buying for a mom, what sorts of gifts do you think will be appreciated the most?

I’m looking for ideas, here, both for my own MIL and for my hub to buy for me (I’ll link him to this thread :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, I know, you love your mom all year round, blah blah, but do you want her to be the only one who gets nothing from her kid(s)?

I’d like some salon treatments (manicure, pedicure or something) from hub and a hand made card or gift from my little one.

My mom says she’d rather receive flowers when she’s alive than when she’s dead, so I usually send flowers. She’s out of state. Happy Mom’s Day! :slight_smile:

I used to really like flowers. Lately, they just seem to die within a few days of arriving to my house!


Despite the fact that my mum has varied interests, it’s quite difficult to buy gifts for her. Flowers are always a safe bet, as are things like book tokens as she can take her time looking for something she really wants. I’ve also bought her theatre tokens and vouchers for the local garden centre.

Jewellery can be a good buy if I happen to spot something that I know she’ll like - other than that, I’m fresh out of ideas.

You people have it easy. This year, Mothers’ Day is on the 30th. My mother’s birthday is on the 29th. Yes, I do have to get a gift for both of them, and yes, I am feeling the pressure …

Steve, I feel your pain. My mum’s birthday and Mothers’ Day are exactly a week apart. Its my mum’s 50th. Flowers for both (her gift of choice) just isn’t going to cut it I think.

[ul][li]Theatre vouchers?[/li][li]Garden centre tokens?[/li][li]One of those “Red Letter Day” experiences?[/li][li]Take her out for a meal?[/li]Surprise family/friends party?[/ul]