Motorola V551 cell phone/Cingular users: Recommend some ring tones/games

My company switched over today to use new Motorola V551 GSM cell phones and Cingular as our phone service. The phone seems pretty cool, though kind of complex for an old fogey like me. It seems that the basic phone doesn’t come with any but annoying ring type tones though…no musical ring tones that I can find. You can go online on the phone and shop for all kinds of musical themes and other things, so I thought I’d ask any dopers using this kind of phone what they recommend (I was tempted to download the theme to Star Wars right off, but wanted to wait to see what others are using. THey also have La Bamba :))…since each musical tone costs something like 2.95 a pop not to mention .03/KB for general connection.

In addition, the phone will play…games (its also got a cool camera for stills and video that I’ve only just started playing with). :slight_smile: It only comes with a demo for some game called Bejeweled, so I thought I’d ask what games might be worth downloading.

Any additional advice or comments about the phone will also be appreciated. We got Jabra Bluetooth wireless headsets and it took me almost an hour to figure out how to get them to talk together.


Well, i don’t have that phone and service (basic LG VX4500/Verizon here) but no portable games capable device is complete without some version of Tetris…

stay away from the basic Blue Lava Tetris game (plain old Tetris) as it has a stupid “ghost” feature (the outline of the falling piece is displayed in red at the bottom of the screen to “help” you figure out where the piece will land, for a Tetris expert, it destroys the challenge of the game, and it can’t be turned off!

Tetris Deluxe apparently allows you to shut off the “ghost”, but TD isn’t available on Verizon’s “Get it Now” service

Tetris Cascade is available, and has a turn-offable ghost, it also brings “gravity” into play, small chunks of the tetriminos will fall down into an available empty space if the line below them dissapears and the remainder of the above piece fits, triggering a “cascade” of line clears

Pac Man/Ms. Pac Man are not true ports, they’re missing the “wakka-wakka-wakka” noise of the Pac eating the dots