cell phone ringtones

i recently got a new cellphone that has a feature allowing me to create my own ringtones, meaning that i can have any song i’m willing to figure out how to translate into the phone be my ring.

any suggestions? it has a three-octave range and ability to do sharps and flats.

Arrggghhhh! I hate musical ringers! I just want my phone to sound like a phone, not a damn symphony orchestra. I just want to grab a phone and smash it when I hear it playing some cheesy tune over and over!

How about Feelings?

That’d be about enough to piss off everyone around you.

“hit the lights” -metallica
"seargent D "- S.O.D.
“into the void” -Black Sabbath
“damage inc” -metallica
“mud” -Primus
“Institutionalized” S.T.

Oh I wish I had one of those…

What make and model is your cell-phone? There are lots of “generators” out there for the various models if you get some good suggestions.

right now mine is the theme from “Leisure Suit Larry.”

although I’ll admit I’ve been tempted by “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number.”

I could not agree more!

My least favorite ring is the “Nokia ring.” If you have a Nokia and you’ve played with your rings, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, well, you’ve heard it. “Deedle dee dee, deedle dee dee, DEE DEE.” MAKE IT STOP!

My coworker has the University of Michigan fight song as her ring. Every time it rings, I get the freaking song stuck in my head. Grrrrr.

My phone is set to a ring called “dizzy.” The first ring is one beep. The second ring is three beeps. The third ring is five beeps. I usually catch it before then, though. I have to admit, I kind of like it.

Mine plays the theme to Spongebob Squarepants. Don’t worry, I seldom get calls so I don’t think it bothers anyone really.

I heard someone’s go off as “Love Rollercoaster” and that had me cracking up all day. That was a good one.

I hate the tones too, but I also hate when, in a group of people, a generic ring comes out, and everybody has to check their phones.

Suggestions: Theme Songs from old TV shows are great (I use “The Munsters” or “Lost in Space”), because it drives other people crazy (trying to identify the show).

I want to put ‘Requiem for a dream’ (the LotR -TT-trailer re-composition) into my (polyphonic) mobile.

generic ring?

<nokia generic ring ring>

HELLO!!. Yeh I’m on the train!

(Trigger Happy TV, my favourite scetch)

One of the very few cool-sounding musical rings I’ve heard is a well-done rendition of the Knight Rider theme.

Hey, Dragonblink, that’s what my phone plays! I’ve never heard anyone else who had the Knight Rider theme…

“In The Halls Of The Mountain King” - I think by Wagner.

I have the Smurf theme on my phone. I like it, and it drives my sister crazy.

I want that one! How did you get it?

Awesome! I think in terms of video game rings that even beats out the Grand Theft Auto 3 pager tone.

My Nokia 5165 is strangely one of the few phones that doesn’t support new ones, but I do have a slick discontinued San Jose Sharks faceplate at least.

I have had Paint it Black for about 2 years now, but am trying to work out what I will have as my polyphonic on The Phone which is arriving to its loving new home in about two weeks (touch wood).

I have been on the lookout for a really good rendition of the Magic Roundabout music, or maybe Bagpuss. As somone said, obscure childrens shows rock. Oooh! Jamie and the Magic Torch. A decision has been arrived at.

I vastly prefer the days of obnoxious polyphonic ringtones to the days of this:

standard Nokia ring

everybody in the room grabs their phone

I have one of the Virgin Mobile “pay-as-you-go” phones and I got it on the website.