Mouse speed keeps resetting to super slo-mo

I just installed a KVM switch to hook up two computers to the same monitor, mouse & keyboard. I also had to buy a new PS/2 optical mouse, since my ancient serial mouse wasn’t compatible with the switch. (Do they even make trackball mice anymore? Oh well…)

Once I installed the mouse & the switch, I noticed on my older (Win98) computer, the mouse speed had dropped to super slo-motion – so slow that it took three swipes across the mousepad just to get across the screen. So I went to Control Panel -> Mouse -> Motion and adjusted the slider a few clicks to get that quick, flick-of-the-wrist motion I like.

Problem is…the computer keeps automatically resetting the mouse speed to the slowest possible! Usually it’s after the computer’s been idle awhile, but it’s also happened suddenly while I’m using the machine. I can’t figure out how to make the mouse speed “stick” so I don’t have to keep resetting it all the time…any help?

Maybe you need to download newer mouse drivers.

Does this only happen after you’ve switched computers with the KVM switch? Is the effect the same as if you unplug your mouse and plug it back in?

I have a similar setup. Occasionally when switching between computers my keyboard repeat speed and delay will reset to the default. I think what’s happening is that sometimes the KVM switch doesn’t switch quickly enough, and the computer sees the “keyboard unplugged/keyboard plugged in” events and helpfully (thanks, Windows!) resets the keyboard settings to their defaults. It sounds like you might be having a similar problem with the mouse. You might try plugging your KVM in directly if it came with its own wall-wart power supply; this might reduce the transients (I haven’t tried this though).

The problem started days before I hooked up the 2nd computer. Switching between computers doesn’t seem to affect the mouse speed at all.

Usually it reverts after the computer’s been idle for a long time, and the monitor/HD have gone to sleep. But sometimes it just happens spontaneously – like just now, merely opening the Control Panel caused it to reset. :smack:

(…crickets chirping…)