Mouse wheel won’t work in IE 9 (64 bit) - any ideas?

Not urgent, but an annoyance.

I got a new mouse recently. It is a Gigabyte GM-M6800 (if that helps). On the whole I am pretty pleased with it, but I have just noticed that the scroll wheel does not work in my IE 9 (64 bit). I don’t usually use IE, so I did not notice before, but I do like to have it on hand for occasional use. I have not changed any IE settings, and I am pretty sure (but maybe not 100%) it was working normally with the old mouse (a Microsoft one). The wheel works fine in Firefox (my usual browser), and in other programs such as word processors, Windows Explorer, and even (I have found) in IE 9 (32 bit). In Chrome it works, but the scrolling is rather too fast and jerky.

The mouse’s software does offer the options of “Advanced Wheel Mouse Mode” and “MS Inteli-Mouse Compatible Mode”, but I have tried both settings and it does not seem to make any difference (to anything, so far as I can tell).

I have tried the (rather cruddy) wireless mouse that came with my computer. With that, the wheel works normally in IE and elsewhere (well, still too fast and jerky in Chrome, but I don’t really care). I do not want to make it my regular mouse, though. In all other respects I much prefer the new one.

I am on Windows 7 (64 bit).

Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be here, or how it might be resolved?

Remove the custom driver. They try updating the base Windows one.

Some makers get klever and find new, different and completely unnecessary ways to do basic operations like monitor mouse wheel motion; if they don’t write a solid, compatible driver your only option is to see if the basic driver works or toss the mouse. There’s a reason to stay with MS and Logitech products for this niche.

Agreed. In fact, I would run screaming from any mouse, flash drive, external HD, etc. that required any additional software to be installed on any platform.

Well, both MS and Logitech have advanced control applets that I find mildly useful when I remember to install and update them, and don’t miss when I forget. But any mousey thing should behave properly under the default drivers and not require special support unless it’s delivering truly specialized function.