Mouseover thread preview not working

I upgraded to the newest version of Firefox over the weekend, and now the mouseover thread preview isn’t working – there’s a teeny-tiny box below the cursor, but there’s no text in that box.

Is this something I can fix? (Guess I could ask in GQ, but this is the only place I use mouseover preview regularly.)


I’m going to have to defer to Xash, our expert in these matters.

I’m on v3.6.2, which I believe is the latest. My mouseovers work fine, so I suspect it’s not Firefox.

Is there any way to make the mouseover show the preview for a second or two longer?

Is it the same with other mouseovers (there should be something for all your open tabs, for example)?

I upgraded to the latest firefox and now the mouseover just stays as long as the cursor is over the post. It’s nice to not have to quickly skim it now and be able to read the whole thing.

It’s possible your profile got corrupted in the upgrade. You can try out a new profile and see if that fixes it. If it does, you can use the official guide to move the important stuff from your old profile to the new one, and then delete the old one.

Good luck.

OP back to say … it seems to be fine now. Dunno what the prob was this morning, but I’ll bookmark this thread in case it happens again.

Thanks for your tips, everyone.

I get hinky mouseovers (Safari 4.0.4) - it usually works, but occasionally (once in ten times, say), no preview will come up for one thread.

Once upon a time I had an add-on that allowed the mouseover preview to stay as long as you moused over (pretty sure I got it from the SDMB). Don’t know what it was called, but I wish I did.