Mouth Bleeds for 6 Hours

So I just got back from a, what else would it have been, lengthy stay at the hospital where they did nothing for me but ship me off to my wisdom tooth butcher. I have now had two dental surgeries in under a week; this is not having seen a dentist for five years, they’ve been waiting to get their hands on me those dirty bastards.

Tonight, my mouth bled from 1:30 AM until about a half hour ago. The surgeon had no idea what was the actual case of the bleeding. Gave the source of the bleeding a stitch and said if it starts to bled again call him back and he’ll cauterize it.

With all of you as my witnesses, I do swear to never again visit a dentist (that is after this entire ordeal has been successfully dealt with) unless I am unconscious and unable to refuse treatment. I’ve had enough!

If it makes you feel better (and I’m sure it doesn’t), I had a single wisdom tooth pulled two weeks ago and it bled from the time the surgery ended (3:30) until maybe midnight. Granted, there were no stitches in there, but it seemed like it bled forever.

If it makes you feel better, I had four wisdom teeth pulled last year and it bled for a full day. In an effort to cleanse my mouth, I would occasionally spit into the sink; there was so damn much blood in there it looked like someone had been shot. Really, it was disgusting.

On preview, I seriously doubt this disgusting story will make you feel better. Oh well.

I had the wisdom teeth out Tuesday. If the bleeding had been part of the operation, I could at least how found the entire ordeal tolerable. But it has been five days and it began suddenly, without cause or explaination.