Mouthbreather is an official old fart

Happy Birthday MouthBreather!

I wish you many many more!

I will sing for you now:

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday dear ol’ Davey pal,
Happy Birthday to YOU
( you look like a monkey, and smell like one too!)

from yer ol’ pal,

Babs the Baboon

How exactly would you have us interpret your thread title?
HB MB!:slight_smile:

Apparently mouthbreather now needs a breath mint. (in addition to the birthday cake)

Happy Birthday!

What’s an “official fart”? Is there a sanctioning body?
Maybe he meant “orifical”. That would make scents.
Anyway, I hope it’s a gas.

Thanks guys! (Wanted to respond with a thank you last night but I was still unable to ressurect my home PC from the dead. )

Happy Belated Birthday, mouthbreather.


Eventually when I make it up to Atlanta I’ll buy ya a birthday beer!

Ogre – thanks, m’man.

Pez – you do realize that giving me attention just encourages me, don’t you?

yes ;j

HEY! There’s color in dem dere smilies!

Late happy birthday mouthbreather. So, how come you didn’t invite us all out to Buckhead to romp around?

Thanks for the happy stuff.

The main reason is, of course, that Buckhead sucks. I think you meant to ask me “Why didn’t I invite you folks to romp around East Atlanta or the Highlands?” :wink: To answer that question, I refer you to the thread title. gooti and I just stayed home – We’ll probably go out to dinner this weekend.