Movie Game IV (son of a son of a...)

Thanks to Roger Thornhill, we completed round 3 at 20+ pages. Well played, all!

Sternvogel suggested we start with The Stepford Wives (2004).

To which I say: Nicole Kidman.

(And good luck, Sternvogel – I passed the test last year and didn’t make the pool. Hmph. Hard to imagine the staffers would be immune to the twicks charm, isn’t it? :wink: )

Far and Away

Which brings us to the man of the hour Tom Cruise. Taking the easy out here I guess.

I didn’t mean to kill off the last movie game. Sorry. I specifically checked IMDB to see if there were other actors who could be played. :eek: Apologies to all. What’s the longest one of these games has gone on, anyhow?

Woo Hoo. I get to play one of his GOOD movies then : Born on the Fourth of July.

Kyra Sedgwick

she palyed the girlfriend.


Brent Spiner

The Aviator

Alan Alda

Four Seasons

(BTW, marque elf, don’t worry about ending the game – I think this is the longest we’ve ever gone, by far, and it was definitely starting to get tricky.)

Rita Moreno

Carnal Knowledge**

So many choices…Candace Bergen.


Interesting play!

Ben Kingsley.

House of Sand & Fog

(I’ll get in early this round…BTW, great last game, everyone.) :smiley:

Go with the obvious.

Jennifer Connelly

Once Upon a Time in America

Treat Williams.