Movie Game, Mk 3

YAY! I get to start.

And, in an homage to our own dear twickster, I will even start with a musical (which I just happened to watch on AMC the other night.)

On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever

Inhales deeply

Love that new-thread smell!

Yanno, I’ve never seen On a Clear Day… – but I do know Barbra Streisand is in it.

(Speaking of obscure musicals, the local PBS station is showing How to Succeed in Business… tomorrow night. Thank Og I don’t have a date! :wink:

Meet the Fockers

Just about wet myself when I read the new-thread smell bit. Must be Friday.


Robert De Niro
(Deniro added for later search purposes)

Robert De Niro

Greg Kinnear…

Auto Focus

I caught that one on cable at my client’s house the other week. Good movie!

Willem Dafoe

The Last Temptation of Christ

**Harvey Keitel **

Oh, jeez. I didn’t mean it that way. Sorry.

Don’t worry about it, hon.

The Piano

Holly Hunter**

I’m quite good when this thing starts, so I’m cashing in:



(I may as well get in now; I’m crappy in the later stages.) :smiley:

Elias Koteas

Roger’s play was in before yours, IndyEllen


Uma Thurman

Kill Bill, Volume 1

Vivica Fox