Movie Id Needed - evil teenager vs stepmom

Its a thriller or a horror film. This evil 13 year old girl really loves her father and gets jealous about her own mom. When a robber breaks into their house she grabs a gun(or shotgun) takes aim, but then lets the robber kill her mother and get away. After a while her father meets a nice woman with a small boy, the evil teenager almost allows him suffocate in a closet or fridge during a game of hide and seek, that’s when the woman figures her out. After that she does her thing for a while, being evil and trying to get rid of her stepmom and stepbrother, but eventually falls into one of her own traps. Anyone know what movie this might be?


Apparently thats not it, there is no little step brother in “Wicked”, any other ideas?

The Ballad of Jack and Rose