Movie ID

Should be an easy one.
One of the beach/surfer movies.
The actor(well known, IIR) is buried in the sand so you can only see his mouth and chin and a face is drawn on his chin and then sings a god awful song.
“Ooh daddy,daddy” might have been the main part of the lyrics, at the end of the song everyone grabs their surfboards and run to the ocean.

For Those Who Think Young (1964), with a pre-Gilligan Bob Denver doing the rap vocals. It also features Tina Louise, although they don’t have scenes together. This scene might be on youtube (it used to be), but I can’t access it here.

I remember as a kid seeing two “beach” movies and remembered specific scenes from each one, but never recalled the names. Coincidentally, several months ago, TCM aired both movies back to back, and this was one of the two (the other being “Ride the Wild Surf”).

yup…Thanks.It is on youtube for those who can stomach it. Called “Ho,Daddy”