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Hi everyone! This is a pretty cool website! Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Cherub 25 white female in Missouri. I was going through some of the questons and I have one of my own I really hope someone can answer for me. I saw a movie years ago and can’t remember the name. I’ts about cowboys that have passed on and are in some sort of lingo btwn Heaven and Hell. and if they touch a weapon of anykind a old cowboy on a horse will come and get him and take them throught the woods and to hell. Thats all I remember I really appreciate yall takein the time to read this! Have a great evenin! cherub

it’s called “Crazy dead cowboys, guns, Hell”

Shockingly enough, the movie is called [url=]Purgatory.

Moron. I screwed up the tags. Now I’m really glad I didn’t include some snide comment about having the courtesy to preview and proofread. Really glad.

I’ll be sending my post to proofreading purgatory now.

Moving this to Cafe Society.