Movie quote, possibly achtung baby... help?


This has been bugging me for about 2 weeks now, and I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve tried googling but I’m not having any luck.

There’s a movie (I’m sure it’s real and I didn’t just imagine it) where a big black guy (maybe) does something, possibly kills or just knocks out a German, and then says in this cool voice “Achtung [something which could be baby, or possibly bitch, or anything else really]”

Can anyone help me? Please? It’s driving me crazy!

It’s originally from The Producers (the original one - I don’t know if it was used in the remake).

Really? I’ve only seen the remake, but I didn’t think it was that. I seem to remember it being a semi-serious action movie. But maybe it was. I’ll check it out when I get a chance

In the same movie, did a guy yell “Shabat Shalom, motherfuckers!!

And you’re sure it’s not Arnold Schwarzanegger who says in a thick Austrian accent, “Hasta la vista, baby”?

I don’t think so. But possibly.

The guy could even have said “Achtung mother fucker!” But i honestly can’t remember. It’s like one of those fleeting memories that I just can’t seem to hold on to.

And no, it’s definitely not Arnie

I do remember it and it was a reference to the U2 album, I think, as the movie was in the same timeframe as that album.
I just can’t remember the actor or the movie it was in, but I have definitely seen the scene you mentioned.

there is a scene in a Simpsons episode where Chief Wiggum says “ACHTUNG, BABIES!” in reference to the U2 album… but surely that’s not what you are talking about.

Didn’t John Goodman say it in the Big Lebowski?


Yeah; I just saw that scene and thought of this thread. How appropriate that a guy called sweeteviljesus beat me to it.

That sounds like it might be the one I’m thinking of actually - I’m gonna head home from work and check it out

Edit: Nevermind!

yeah I’m pretty sure it is The Big Lebowski - I asked my brother and he thought he remembered it from there as well… I seem to have misplaced my copy :confused:

Thanks sweetevilgenuis, that had been bugging me like crazy!

I only created an account here to resurrect this post. I give it less than a 1% chance that the OP ever sees this, but I hope that someday I’ll have helped someone else facing this same dilemma. I too was baffled by a memory of somebody saying “Achtung, baby!” I found this thread while searching, but the answer “The Big Lebowski” didn’t seem right, especially given the OP’s synopsis, “where a big black guy (maybe) does something, possibly kills or just knocks out a German.”

After a while of racking my brain, frustrated with having no idea of the saying’s origin, it finally hit me: TERRY TATE! If you’re unfamiliar with Terry Tate, it was an ad campaign by Reebok from the 2003 Super Bowl. The premise is that Terry Tate is an office linebacker, enforcing company policies through big hits. So here you go:

And for those interested in the original Terry Tate video:

TL;DR: The quote the OP was thinking of is from a Terry Tate ad and I’m answering him 4 years later…

Lol, nice catch!
I was thinking it sounded like Blazing Saddles, but that might just be a brainworm from the Blazing Saddles thread.


You’re right.

Thanks so much! I love Terry Tate! Has it actually been 4 years? Goodness. I’m pretty sure this was the last post I made on this board, too.

Eternally grateful.