Movie scene help

I’m trying to think of the name of a movie going from a single scene. I’m thinking it was probably a mainstream comedy, but maybe not top shelf.

It’s a guy who ends up staying in a hostel someplace in Europe and his roommates are a couple of German techno-punks, blasting techno on their boom box.

The hostel scene wasn’t a major theme of the movie, just one of the scenarios the guy was subjected to in his misadventure.

I have a buddy who is all about the hostel experience, I told him I’d probably get stuck in with the German techno-punks like in … That Movie.

TIA, I have a feeling this one will be a slam dunk, but I can’t find it based on my Google-fu.

It wasn’t a movie – it was an ad for AT&T and the Techno Twins.


That would explain why I couldn’t remember anything else about the “movie”.

But that’s the scene, of course.

It’s great to have a place like this that you can turn to when your mind is shot and confuses movies with AT&T commercials. I’ll probably be back in a couple of years to ask about the movie that featured a zany yet retro insurance saleslady helping customers save money on their insurance.

Didn’t that actually happen in Hostel?

^ I don’t think there were any zany, retro insurance salesladies in Hostel.

EuroTrip ?

Apparently you’ve never seen the director’s cut.

Let’s see… being subjected to deafening German techno or having my Achilles tendons cut… techno or tendons, techno or tendons…
Tough call.