Movie Title is a Standalone Punchline to a Joke

We have a popular thread raging about punchlines to jokes, minus the setup. What movie titles are punchlines to well-known jokes? I can think of two–Stick with Burt Reynolds and What’s Up, Doc? with Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal. Are there more I’m forgetting?

I’ll try to think of some, but meanwhile I have no idea what popular jokes have the punchline “stick” or “What’s up Doc.”

“What’s brown and sticky?”

“The Aristocats!”

That’s what she said.

What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back? A stick.

There was a Joe E. Brown movie in the early 30s where he was doing stand-up comedy on a stage. Suddenly, he grabbed his chest, looked ashen, and said “Is there a doctor in the house?” A man in the audience stands up and says “Yes, I’m a doctor!” To which Brown replies “What’s up, doc?”

Good one!

Or, for that matter, The Aristocrats, which must qualify as something along the lines of a meta-post, if there is such a thing, as it’s a movie (documentary) whose content is simply (versions of) the joke with the punchline which provides the title. If you see what I mean.

Maybe best to read the link.


Still getting used to the new format, but I don’t think he made a link.

Yeah, me too. The link is there, I promise. I think you just need to click on “The Aristocrats”, but it looks like a 1 in a circle in the first post I make, but more like the old style link in preview of this post. Hell, who knows?