Movie titles/sequels you'd like to see

Die Hard 2: Die Harder was such a great title that I’d probably have gone just because of the humor factor alone. Are there any others you’ve been tempted to see just because of the title or any other titles you’d suggest?

I’ll get the ball rolling with one:
Unforgiven II: Mo’ Munny

It’s Still A Wonderful Life: Or Is It? :eek:

Lethal Weapon V: Too Old for This Shit

Breakin’ 3: Electric Boogalooier



I still know what you did four summers ago.

The Greatestest Story Ever Told: Back with a Vengence

Schindler’s List: Annotated, With Appendices and Footnotes!


La Passion d’Jeanne d’Arc 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Pirates Of The Caribbean 7: The Curse Of The Black Squirrel

The Diary Of Anne Frank 2: It’s A Gas (Chamber)!

Schinin 拾 Samurai: New Kid On The Block!

Citizen Kane 2: The Return Of Rosebud

Memento 2: More Fucked Up Shit!

Seven 2: Ei8ht!

Mr. Smith 2: Mr. Smith Goes To Tacoma

Lord of the Rings Book 4: Cause the Studio Said we Had To

Dumb and Dumbererer

  • Manos, the Hands of Fate 2: Pies, the Feet of Destiny

  • Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money

The Never Ending Story: The Final Chapter

I think the best sequel title is Darkman III : Die, Darkman, Die (or as the Germans say, “The, Darkman, The”)

Light Purple (no new footage, just a re-editing of Kieslowski’s three movies)

All Saints’ Day (although there’s already about 20 sequels to Halloween)

Dog Day Evening

The persecution and assassination of Marat as performed by the inmates of the asylum of Charenton under the direction of the Marquis de Sade II

I’d like to see Malcolms I-IX to get the back story.

*The Bourne Again Identity
Jeopardy! The Major Motion Picture
Alien vs Predator vs Freddy vs Jason vs Ecks vs Sever vs Kramer vs Kramer

The Horse Whisperer 2: Can You Repeat That Please?

The Perfect Storm, The Prequel: The Perfect Calm

Cretaceous Park

The Shortest Night

Root Canals of Madison County

Heh, I was working on that too but yours is much better.

*Guess Who’s Coming To Breakfast In Your Daughter’s Robe

The Sound Of 8 Tracks

Around Liza Minelli In Eighty Days

Yours, Mine and Children’s Protective Services

Rocky XIII G… Bingo!

A Coupla’ More Dollars And Some Pesos

They Call Me Quaternaty

Star Trek 5: Hubble Voyeurism*

Flashdance Dance Revolution: Extended Special Remix Edition III! Platinum!

This one’s for real and is definitely my all-time-favorite:
The Naked Gun 33 and 1/3 - The Final Insult

And for a “made-up” sequel:
"Friday the 13th - Part … ummm to tell you the truth we lost count. Maybe you did too. Hell, can you tell Part 7 from part 12? Face it - the same old crap, sequel after sequel. ‘Citizen Kane’ this is not"

*Lord Of The Genital Cuffs

Pot Bellied Pig On A Hot Tin Roof

Launder In A Tax Free Municipal Bond The Wind*

Matrix Repetitions

Apocalypse Then

ET 2 : Alien Adolescence

Groundhog Week

Solar Sytem Of The Apes

Sex, Lies and Digicams

Spiderman 2: How Doc Oc Got His Groove Back