Movie/TV actors that you'll always see as a particular character

Captain Morgan Bateson

Johnny Depp is always Jack Sparrow

Which I don’t mean as a compliment since he plays the same character/does the same voice in every movie he’s in now

Sadly, I can never see Michael Madsen as anything but the sadistic psycho Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs.

When he plays nice guys, as in Free Willy, I can’t buy it!

There’s no doubt he is probably best known for Mr. Blonde’s little dance to “Stuck in the Middle…” but since he had already impressed me as an Elvis look-alike in Thelma & Louise I didn’t have a forced switch in my way of seeing him. He’s definitely more acceptable as a heavy, though.

To his credit, Hugh Jackman knows and understands that, and even has fun with it.

A few years ago, my wife and I saw him doing a one-man song-and-dance show on Broadway, during which he showed a huge picture of himself on a projector screen- he then showed himself as Wolverine, with Peter Allen’s ultra-gay gold lame outfit on.

Even when Jackman is prancing around, doing a limp-wristed performance of “Rio,” he’s still Wolverine to many people, and he knows it.

Robert Shaw IS Quint. Salisbury steak IS the entree.

Well, it was pretty hard to see George Reeves as anyone else but Supie/CK. Even when I later saw the earlier Gone With the Wind. (No, you whippersnappers, I was not around when GWTW first was released. I’m not THAT old!

And get off my lawn!)

Of course that was the theme of a film some time in the last decade. The bit about someone making a “scissors” gesture before a projector was made up. But test audiences did indeed laugh and hoot about seeing Superman.

Until just now I had never really thought about George and Christopher’s last names differing only by an S.

Morgan Freeman is always God to me.

Never having been a fan of that show, for me Grammer will always be Sideshow Bob!

I saw Jaws fairly young so anytime I saw Shaw in anything else I had a real hard time handling him not having his Baaaston accent! Same goes for David Ogden Stiers (Maj. Winchester from MAS*H).
Some recent actors I can’t help but feel play the exact same character in every movie:

Will Smith- He always plays the smarmy, confident, smart-alecky lead (and almost always a cop too!)

Jason Bateman- Although I loved him in Arrested Developement (and the fact that the show resurrected his career) he seems incapable of playing anyone but Michael Bluth in everything.

Same goes for Michael Cera, he’s just been George-Michael in everything as well…

Hawkeye Pierce, no matter how old Alan Alda gets.

Cosmo Kramer.

Hugo Weaving is always Agent Smith, whether it’s Half-Elf Agent Smith or Drag Queen Agent Smith or Red Skull Agent Smith.

EDIT: As Bozuit already said…

Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy, and every time Sean Gunn opened his mouth I thought “Why is Kirktalking with a southern accent?”

David Ogden Stiers will always be Charles Emerson Winchester.

Don Knotts is Barney Fire

Jack Nicholson is the Shining guy

Don Knotts is Ralph Furley to my generation.

I once read an essay by Stephen King on this subject. He said that once a novel or short story has been put on film, it’s difficult to picture a character any other way than then actor who portrayed them.

He said he’d been asked if he’d ever wanted a particular actor to play a character he’d written, in one of his stories that’s been filmed. His reply was that he thought Robert Duvall would have made a splendid Randall Flagg, in The Stand.

Bill Paxton = Hudson

We’re in some pretty shit now man!
Game over man! Game over!

He’s in a whole load of other stuff, sometimes as the leading man. But that part was so perfect…

How do I get out of this chicken shit outfit?

“For God’s sake, Wyatt! Cover yourself!”

Martin Starr is always Bill (from Freaks & Geeks). He always seems to play the same kind of guy in all his roles now, so I am always thinking how Bill grew up to be such a smug asshole.

I agree about Bryan Cranston. Always Hal.

I believe that is Barney Fife
James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke)

Don Adams as Maxwell Smart (Get Smart)