Movies for Finals

I was asked for recommendations for movies that get you excited for studying, learning, school in general. There must be some, right? Ivy covered halls, high ceilinged libraries, lined with diligent students. I suggested Animal House, but that might not be quite right for the high school kid we’re talking about here. Any ideas? (Of course, watching the movie instead of studying is questionable, I know, but let’s assume that a movie will be watched, regardless!)

Stand and Deliver? The halls are graffiti-covered and the libraries are badly lit, but it made me want to go out and learn me some calculus.

Dead Poets Society, maybe, or Dangerous Minds. Akeela and the Bee for younger folks. Stand and Deliver is also a classic.

Of course, Class and Oxford Blues might be fun, too! :wink:

“The Paper Chase” - A first-year law student struggles with balancing his coursework and his relationship with the daughter of a stern professor.
“Charly” - A less than ordinary man is turned into a genius.

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Dead Poet’s Society is quite good, but again check the Rating label.
Same with Billy Madison (I believe Rated R) and in the vein of Animal House.

Ooh, Revenge of the Nerds? Again nudity though and Animal house rating…

Harry Potter Series then?

The Paper Chase? That gets you “excited for studying, learning, school in general”? Good lord, that bleak story is what kept me from even thinking about going to law school.