Movies Named After Songs

How many movies named after popular songs or lines therefrom (which are usually unrelated to the movie) can we name? Uptown Girls and Feeling Minnesota came to mind for me.

Side question: are these movies ever any good?

Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead certainly wasn’t all that good (but a decent soundtrack).

I think the following were all songs first; made into movies later:

Ode to Billie Jo
Harper Valley PTA
The Gambler (made for TV movie?)

You’d better specify up front whether you want this to be a one-way street, since many songs have been named after movies.

The Ode to Billie Joe, by Bobbie Gentry, had the movie coming later. Late 60’s.

Laura is an example of the movie-first variety. Movie was early 40’s with instrumental theme later had words added and became a very popular song that remains popular in oldies and jazz circles.

If you want both varieties this could be a whale of a thread.

The first one that comes to mind is Jumping Jack Flash, a movie that had nothing to do with the song in its title, or with goodness.

Someone To Watch Over Me

Fools Rush In

“Play Misty for Me” was inspired by the Johnny Mathis song “Misty”

There’s “Peggy Sue Got Married,” which I remember being a pretty good movie; the title is taken from the lesser known sequel-song to Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue.”

Alice’s Restaurant
(remembered because it ‘came around’ on the iPod yesterday)

When a Man Loves a Woman

One Fine Day

Stormy Monday (movie) had little if anything to do with the song, but there’s little doubt that it was named after the song. :smiley:

Sweet Home Alabama
Yellow Submarine
Paper Moon
Round Midnight

When The Beatles were shooting their second movie, it was called Eight Arms To Hold You. Then, midway through shooting, John wrote Help! and the movie was retitled.

That’s exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about. Blech.

Certainly there were some good ones:

Robert Zemeckis’s I Want to Hold Your Hand is supposed to be pretty good.

Singin’ in the Rain – one of the great movies of all time – was named after the song (which existed long before the movie, though it was used in the movie).
An American in Paris – again, the song predated the movie, even though it was used in it.
Till the Clouds Roll By – not great, but a tolerable biography of Jerome Kern
Three Little Words – pleasant biography of Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby
Night and Day – so-so biography of Cole Porter
De-Lovely – another Cole Porter biography. Not bad, though it really doesn’t go quite deep enough. The title is from Porter’s song, "It’s De-Lovely.
Easter Parade – very good one.
White Christmas – lame, but popular (the song was introduced earlier).

I Love Louisa has been the working title of several films (most notably, The Band Wagon), but has never been used.

Strange Brew
Book of Love
Stayin’ Alive

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
The Hurricane
Bad Boys

My Own Private Idaho
Dream a Little Dream

Pretty Woman?

Dazed and Confused

Zep led the way, then the '93 movie about the class of '76.