Movies that are best watched alone and in the dark

Well, my newest family member was born today, Allyssa Kay, and I went to go see her. Gorgeous! (nothing to do with the thread, just bragging. :slight_smile: )

Well, after that, I met of couple of friends for a quick dinner and then popped over to the video store.

Since it is Samhain, I thought a good, creepy flick might be in order. I chose Willard, since I had yet to see it. Not a real Halloween choice, but wierd and offputting enough for me to turn out all the lights and fire up the surround sound. I live alone, so that part was a nobrainer.

About 20 minutes into it now, and it’s having the desired effect.

Next time I’m in a creepy mood, what other movies, old or new, should I give the same treatment to?

The original or the newer one with Crispin Glover?

Hi, NCB!

The first Halloween, I think. And the original Night of the Living Dead.

Depending on what your deeper fears are, either Arachnophobia or The Ring (either US or Japanese versions).

I watched The Blair Witch Project during a minor hurricane. What few lights I had on in the house were flickering on and off. Mission accomplished. :eek:

Some good future rentals here.

Viva, it was the Kwispin Gwuhvver version. That boy does dewanged werwy well.


Dead of Winter with Mary Steenburgen and Roddy McDowell.

You will be climbing the walls.

You have to REALLY suspend belief over the notion of a quasi-Catholic Templar-like league of protectors joining forces with radical fringe scientists holding watch over a giant tub O’ Satan-- but I’ve found John Carpenter’s Prince Of Darkness to be a true guilty pleasure – and overall underrated horror flick.

My choice for Halloween viewing was a fun little movie called The Eye. Had a couple of good scares, but they mostly came quite early in the film. Still, you could do worse.

Alone? In the dark?

I think I’ll avoid making the obvious joke, here.

Shallow Grave

The Shining

The Ring

[Off Topic]Ummm, was 28 Days Later really supposed to be “the scarriest movie of the year?” Maybe I just wasn’t into it… shrug[/OT]

28 Days Later was advertised wrong. It’s more about people dealing with the tragedy than about zombies killing each other.

I never really appreciated David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive until I watched it alone at night. Not a “horror” movie by any means, but does have a definite creepy dreamlike quality that watching it alone really brings out. There is just something about the logic of the film that makes it far more compelling very late at night.

(I am sure you could apply this to any number of Lynch’s movies)

The only move to ever give me the willies was The Exorcist. About a year ago, I rented it and watched it alone in a dark house.

Freaked. Me. Out.

When I want to be ooked out in the utter darkness, it’s The Others or the original The Haunting for me.

Amityville Horror got me one night. My exgf and I had gotten into trying to summon demons, spirits, and whotnot, and we seemed to have had some odd experiences that may or not mean anything at all.

I rented the movie on tape while she was out of town.

Well, there’s a scene in AvH that mimics something that I thought I may have (or not) experienced. It involved a rocking chair, a window, and a certain sound.


Not the movie, just that one 2 minute scene. Years later, far removed from my odd past hobbies, I saw it again, and had no real problems. That scene was still a little off putting, tho.

Not bad, but I prefer In the Mouth of Madness. In the right mood, that’s a real mind-fuck.

And JThunder may be able to resist making the obvious joke, but I can’t, so I’ll recommend Jenna Loves Rocco. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an older movie, but I saw Angelheart and that freaked me out.

Robert de Niro as Louis Safir? Mickey Rourke as a man haunted by his past?

His realization at the end about what’s been happening to him was very chilling.

Thinking about it still gives me the willies.