Your Halloween movie?

I just watched mine, The Shining. Admittedly, Rocky Horror is the official Halloween movie by fiat, great tribute to the horror/scifi genre and the decade that created them. But everyone has to have a favourite, that they watch each year. I would also put Young Frankenstein on that level.

Ours is Plan Nine from Outer Space.

Young Frankenstein definitely tops our list.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Donnie Darko

That’s Fronk-en-shteen.

Me too for The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s double-good because you can watch it for Halloween and then again a couple of months later for Christmas. I just bought the DVD, but I haven’t watched it yet.

Between October 1st. and 31st. these films must be watched in the neofishboy household:


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Return of the Living Dead

The Romero Dead trilogy.

Evil Dead II

Ed Wood

Spider Baby

Plan Nine From Outer Space

Dead Alive


And, when knife first pierces pumpkin flesh, the Peanuts theme must be bursting happily forth from the television.

We get kind of … weird about Halloween.

I can tell :wink:

Those are two I didn’t think of, but are definitely the best gore pictures of the last 20 years, IMHO. It takes a real Raimi fan to pick out ED2 over the others, and a real Peter Jackson fan to pick Dead Alive. I think TarsTarkas could make you an honorary part of his B-movie enthusiasts’ club :slight_smile:

And whaddaya know? I flip over to IFC about half an hour ago and…

“Your mother ate my dog!”
I am in spooky heaven.

(Gotta go…zombie baby in the park scene…)

I am partial to an old Boris Karlof/Peter loree fim,
The Boogie man will get you.
It’s hysterically funny.
Has some of my all time favorite lines.

This year I went with Tenebrae, because I’d never seen it before. It was okay, but I don’t see why people would prefer it over Suspiria.

It was all about The Thing for me this year.