Movies that make you want to.....

I’ve noticed recently that everytime I watch the extended edition of Lord of the Rings (any of the three really) I get the overwhelming urge to smoke a pipe and eat like a viking. No seriously, just for kicks a few weeks ago I had my nephews over and we had a guys night. I went to the store and stocked up on beef jerky, beef stew, ciabatta bread, and even bought a pack of Captain Black and had a smoke on the back porch with an old pipe. (nephews excluded)

But I rather like manifesting emotions from a movie into regular life. It’s kinda thought provoking and fun.

Other movies we have fun with:

Casablanca - my wife and I like to sit on the back porch and have a nice candle lit dinner (we have a TV feed outside)

Under the Tuscan Sun - Italian food. Nice bottle of Chianti.

Deer Hunter - Grinders… Just kidding :slight_smile:

Sixteen Candles - potato chips and sandwiches…

Ok it’s possible this summer humidity is getting to me…I may need help…But does anyone else like to eat a certain thing during a certain move…or something of the like.

Whenever I watch A Christmas Story, I get this incredible urge to make meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and very lightly steamed cabbage for dinner. Does that count?

I also won’t watch Chocolat unless I’ve made a visit to either the Godiva store or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory ahead of time.

You are not alone. Just about any Medieval movie makes me want to break out the goblets and start quaffing. Working class movies make me want to find a store that carries Iron City or Gennesee. :smiley:

Heh…me too. Except I usually buy MGD, instead of Gennesee.

Oh and the Christmas Story tends to make me want mashed potatos for sure…:slight_smile:

I once made the horrible mistake of watching Eat Drink Man Woman in a city that didn’t have a good chinese restaurant.


Rope always makes me want to have some pate; I now make sure to have some ready with toast and red grapes before I watch the movie because I know I’ll want it once the guests start to arrive for the party scene.

I’ve noticed that I make more bread after watching any of the LOTR movies. I also eat a lot of bread and cheese while watching them.
Every time I watch a Harry Potter movie, I crave anything pumpkin.
Those are the only movies that do it to me though.

However, the game Stronghold makes me crave herbal tea ginger snaps and a cigarette. I have no clue why.

I’m not having dinner at any of your houses if Silence of the Lambs is that night’s feature…

This may be the most obvious thing in the world, but when I watch The Big Lebowski, I always want to go bowling afterward.

And I want to drink white russians. 'Though I usually cave and make 'em black russians instead.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to watch “Tampopo” and not (madly) crave a bowl of ramen !! In fact, you will start salivating for one about halfway through !

I once held a dinner for five of us that were big fans of the show Babylon 5.

We had “breen”(Swedish meatballs), bagna cauda, fresh fruit(red plums, oranges, and peaches, along with a few accompanying items.

Wasn’t able to get Centauri brivari to drink, but there was a nice brandy for after.
No fried tubeworms either, the store was out.

The LOTR films make me want to hop on a plane and spend a year in New Zealand, if not move there. Plan B is packing up and moving home to Humboldt. It looks a lot more like Middle Earth than Atlanta, and has some darn good halfling’s leaf of its own. :wink:

Like water for chocolate makes me want to eat…a lot.

I’m a movie whore, so I’m having trouble picking anything else specific out of the heap at the moment.

HIGHLANDER makes me look at the family ceremonial KofC sword & wish I had a sword partner to throw down with.

You said it. I bought the DVD one night and had to wait a whole day before I could get to a decent ramen restaurant and finally have some. I don’t recommend watching the movie to anyone who’s not near a good Japanese restaurant.

Although, I can see how some viewers might go away craving raw oysters or eggs…

The Fellowship of the Ring actually got me to take up the pipe again (after 25 years) and enjoy a nice civilized smoke – for about half an hour until I remembered why I gave it up in the first place. (Besides the obvious tongue cancer angle.)

Alternatively, when I need to work on my SCA armor, I pop in a medieval (or medievalish) movie – El Cid, The Warlord, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, etc.

Every time I watch Plunkett & Macleane or Master & Commander it renews my urge to get into historic costuming and take my flintlock pistol out to the range.

The Big Sleep makes me want to put on my black-veiled 1940s hat and smoke cigarettes darkly.

THat movie <i>Parents</i> always gives me a craving for sausage.

Sorry 'bout the shitty coding. Should read Parents, of course.

It’s not the whole movie, but that one scene in Fellowship of the Ring where they’re having a meal and stuffing around (right before the Crebain from Dunland spoil everything) and you get to see what’s in the frying pan – that always makes me want to have bacon, eggs and sausages right then and there.