Movies that should be on DVD

African Queen
Our man in Havana
Man Hunt (George Sanders)

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

A Little Princess
Max Headroom
A Brief History of Time - Amazon *says *it’s available on DVD used, but I’ve tried three different sellers now and they’re all bootleg or VHS.

As for serieses, I feel like such a dork, but I used to love the version of Robin Hood from the '80s, starring Michael Praed and later Jason Connery. I’d love to get it on Region 1 DVD and just squirm at how bad and cheesy I suspect it actually is. And I also want the American Max Headroom.

Dear DVD Gods:

You like the Beatles, don’t you? Of course you do. Everyone likes the Beatles. So why did you let the DVD release of Yellow Submarine go out-of-print roughly seven years ago? That movie is a classic, it’s high time for a re-release. Y’all did a swell job with the special edition of A Hard Day’s Night, just use that as a template, maybe.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of animated movies…it’s time to tell Disney to grow a pair (of balls…or breasts…whichever is appropriate) and release Song of the South already. They’re so worried about their image. Did you know that you can buy Birth of a Nation on DVD? Triumph of the Will, too. I hardly think Song of the South comes anywhere close to those, in terms of offendibility. Disney can even preface the movie with a nice discussion of Black storytelling and folk traditions, which is what all those B’rer Rabbit stories are really about. They’re about the former slaves rising up against oppression, or so I’ve read. I’ve never seen the whole movie. I’d like to, so I can make up my own mind about it. People in Europe already can, why not me?

And one other thing: as long as you are down there at Disney, tell them I missed the end of Studio Ghibli’s Only Yesterday when it was on AMC this past January and am eagerly awaiting a Region 1 DVD release so that I can see the rest. They are planning one, right? Right?

Criterion is putting out Our Man in Havana soon; it just released the other Greene-Reed collaborations The Fallen Idol and The Third Man. Criterion is also releasing some other major titles that have never been available (at least on DVD) before: Ace in the Hole, Ivan’s Childhood, If, Sweet Movie, House of Games.

My favorite Katharine Hepburn movie, Sylvia Scarlett, was just released on DVD a couple of weeks ago. Probably the biggest such news of recent weeks is that Kenji Mizoguchi’s great Sansho the Bailiff is finally available, but that’s one of the biggest disappointments too: now exactly TWO titles of one of the greatest artists in the history of film are available. An appalling TWO out of around NINETY films.

Thanks for the info on OMIH. It is one of my all-time favorites.
House of Games is already available because I have it. Thanks again.

Europa (Zentropa)

Let’s Get Lost

vivi zapata!

viva zapata! sorry

Yes yes YES. My second favorite film of all time!

My FIRST favorite – Island of Lost Souls – isn’t out on DVD either, but should be.

Michael Praedis out. Maybe Jason will turn up later.

Squee! Thanks!

Swimming To Cambodia.

I had it on VHS, but My VCR fell off a shelf and smashed, and there’s no UK release.

I love that. Poor Spalding.

It’s not currently available; that DVD you have has seen some pretty high prices on eBay, which of course have now fallen precipitously due to its imminent Criterion treatment

Very high up on my own list. I’m thinking of buying a European disc just to have it.

You beat me to it! Great performance by Charles Laughton, and another by Bela Lugosi. And the Panther Girl. . . maybe breaking all the laws of God and man isn’t so bad.

Remember back when the big 3 tv networks regularly put out decent tv movies? Some I’d like to see again:


Thursday’s Game

The Challenge

I think those were all ABC Movies of the Week.

And while we’re at it, how about a new widescreen release of Last Night. Great movie, but inexplicably it’s only available in a pan&scan version.

We do this thread from time to time, and it’s always fun.

I usually mention; Serial (1980), O, Lucky Man! (1973) and The Fox (1967).

I also mention that a lot of the titles people don’t think are available can be had in less than perfect editions. I recently acquired Cannery Row, Lili and a few others that are not really available on DVD but can be had from individuals who sell from their websites.

Otherwise known as slimeball illegal pirates. I won’t deal with them knowingly, and I’m really pissed off that some of them have slipped through Amazon’s system. I wouldn’t buy a stolen television, why would I buy a stolen television show?

Are we talking about the Joe mantegna, Lindsay Crouse movie of a David mamet play? It is available on Amazon, where I think I bought it for $12.99 new and $6.49 used. You would need some pretty good special features, IMHO, to make the Criterion version worth the price, though it is in Widescreen. The current version (mine) is in Widescreen and Standard.

I’m not up on all the legal stuff in this area, but when it has been discussed before, it is always mentioned that there is some loophole in copyright law that allows anyone to sell something that the copyright owner is not selling. There are a lot of dealers who provide DVDs of movies to people who want to see them and who cannot get them any other way. A lot of these “Mom & Pop” distributors have been in business for many years. And thank goodness for them. I don’t know anything about the slimeball television thieves you speak of.