Movies you want to own

What movies would you like to have a copy of? Any format from vhs to digital on a server somewhere, it doesn’t matter as long as you can watch the movie any time you like.

For me, right now I’m wishing I had a copy of the new Spiderverse movie.

Well, since the vast majority of extant movies are already available in one or more of those options, I’ll go with one that isn’t: I have a morbid curiosity to see Jerry Lewis: Holocaust Clown.

I’ve got almost everything I want on DVD or BluRay, or know where to find online… except for one thing. There is a ~1980 made for TV version of Rebecca that stars Jeremy Brett and Joanna David; it’s never been released on video or any other electric media I’ve been able to find, nor does it look like it ever will be.

There’s a 1997 remake of the movie 12 Angry Men that I’ve longed to be released on Blu-ray. Battered and overpriced VHS copies are available and it’s actually available on YouTube but I good quality copy would be a blessing for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the 1957 version is an undeniably brilliant classic but the remake is a wonderful, gripping film also. Any movie that starts off with Jack Lemmon and George C Scott is going to get my attention. The rest of the cast is solid with James Gandolfini, Dorian Harewood, Edward James Olmos, Hume Cronyn, Ozzie Davis, Courtney B. Vance and Tony Danza as the juror who cares more about the baseball tickets in his pocket than he does about justice.

If you like the original, I suggest watching the remake.

I’m with Darren Garrison…pretty much any recent movie can be owned (or streamed) as long as you are willing to pay.

I’ll pick Killing Time (1998) with Kendra Torgan. As far as I know, it’s only available on VHS. It’s not a great movie, but it has some nice scenes and I would like to be able to watch at least parts of it from time to time. I do have a digital copy I made from a VHS copy, but the quality is variable.

I currently have about 1200 movies on my local media server, but Killing Time is the one that I miss having in true HQ digital format.

Yes, definitely worth a watch.

You beat me to it: I’ve come to like it every bit as much as the original. So far it’s only available on streaming, which is a PIA to pause/RW/FF. If I see it available on Blueray I’ll buy it in a flash.

2001, which I have on BluRay, the only thing I own in that format.
I’d like a DVD of the Olsen and Johnson comedy Hellzapoppin. I got one on VHS.
And thanks for the thread - in looking up the spelling of the name I see the Criterion collection issued a DVD, so off to Amazon!

Whoops. The Criterion reference I found was a blog about what should be on Criterion - a fantasy blog. But there is a DVD bootleg, so I’m still happy.

I’m glad to see some love for 12 Angry Men here. I truly believe it’s a must see film. Audible and Amazon also sell a very nice nice audio version of it done with a full cast including Hector Elizondo, Richard Kind, Armin Shimerman, Dan Castellaneta, Jeffery Donovan and directed by John DeLanci (who also has a small role as the judge).

I feel it’s an expression of darker modern realities that if a new remake was to be made today, it would be an almost shot for shot recreation. At the very end of the film though, just as the jurors are ready to go to the judge with a not guilt verdict, the bailiff would show up to indicate that they are excused. The defendant has just accepted a plea deal for life in prison to avoid execution.

How about Looking For Mr. Goodbar which may have only been released on VHS.

It took several years before I was finally able to get a DVD copy of Kafka that could play in North America. It still isn’t available on blu-ray.

Oh, the mention of Criterion reminds me of something that does exist except for in my budget–the Kurosawa box set.

Happy to have directed your attention

Song of the South

The Grey Fox. This is by far the one movie I most wish to see on BR. An Oscar-caliber film that was released on VHS, and Laserdisc (which I have), both with terrible picture quality. Hasn’t been available in any format since the LD, never released on DVD much less BR. A couple of years ago a DVD/BR special edition was in the works in Europe, but was abruptly cancelled just weeks before the release date.

I was just visiting Puerto Vallarta and thought it’d be fun on one of the lazy nights to watch “Night of the Iguana”. But it’s not available on Netflix, Amazon, YouTube or Crave.

Most of the movies I want to own I already do own. I like to stop in pawn shops and used DVD stores to check for my favorite movies.

Some movies I wish I could own aren’t available on any format. However I can’t remember their names at the moment. But I know there have been times I really wanted to watch a movie but couldn’t because it just wasn’t available.

However in those situations, where the movie is rare enough it isn’t on DVD or VHS, it may be on youtube. I guess it is not popular enough to take down.

Heh, reading thus far brings to mind a particular movie.

I first watched it on late late night tv back in the 80s as a kid and loved it. Fast forward a couple of decades and I happen to be doing some work for an older gent whose hobby was collecting old obscure movies and recording them on dvd. He had over 2000 titles in his library at the time I knew him. I mentioned this movie I had seen as a kid and loved but had never been able to find since. 4 days later he gifts me a dvd with the theatrical release, no edits for tv, of…The Conqueror featuring John Wayne as Ghengis Khan. Kids have terrible taste in movies, but I wish my copy of that hadn’t gotten lost over the years.