Movies you've seen recently

Witcher was utter dreck.

Afterlife of the Party. In retrospect, I don’t know why I watched this - it was basically a Hallmark Channel movie with better production values. Attractive vivacious young woman dies in an accident but has to go back to Earth a year later and address “unfinished business” she has with three people. She has five days to do it or she goes to hell. The unfinished business appears to be “make her parents and her best friend less sad about the fact that she died”.

Nothing in this film makes any sense, and the more you think about it the worse it gets. It’s never explained why the various issues need to be resolved so badly, nor why she would be condemned to hell for failing to do so within five days. She can at various points talk to and be seen by other people, she can physically move stuff around (and no one notices), and at one point she redecorates an entire business at night while the owner is away. Nobody is freaked out by any of this.

The acting is fine but that’s about all I can say about it. If you’re planning on watching it, also plan to completely shut down all disbelief.

Thanks for the heads-up. I started watching a few weeks ago when bored, but stopped just after she died. Had forgotten about it, and now I know for sure that I don’t need to bother finishing it.

I mean, it’s nice in the way that Hallmark Channel films are nice. Just don’t expect much of it.

I am currently watching “Abducted By The Daleks” on Otherworlds TV(Roku).

What is this movie?

The Witcher.

And I just now realized it’s a series rather than a movie. I couldn’t get through the first 15 minutes, so I can’t imagine an entire two seasons. Still, wrong thread; my apologies.

Oh, the show. Yeah, I actually thought it was really good. It had flaws, though. But it improved as it went.

Copenhagen, is built like a play and is about an undocumented 1941 conversation between Neils Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. I normally like Daniel Craig but he was a poor casting choice as Heisenberg. I kept expecting him to shoot Bohr or at least seduce his wife. The directing fails on multiple fronts as well. However, the story is engaging and I found myself curious about what really took place.

Bronson, starring Tom Hardy is about Britain’s most infamous violent offender who spent over 30 years in prison, and is still in. I feel like it could have been told a bit better but given the subject matter, I think the insanity was built in and could not be avoided directorially.

We watched ‘The Founder’ last night about the rise of the McDonalds empire and the interaction between Ray Kroc and the McDonalds brothers.
Well acted ( well I like Michael Keaton so probably biased) , good production, but races through a lot of stuff and feels a bit repetitive on the franchise expansion ( now we open here, now we open there). It does serve as a decent telling of the early days to the best of my knowledge.
The delightful Mrs Mollusc did fall asleep though.

Free Guy is better than it ought to be. It’s clearly a mix of many other movies (Lego Movie, Pleasantville, Truman Show, etc), but then what isn’t? It’s silly and funny, and my passing familiarity of video games did not feel incensed by some fundamental misunderstanding of the process, especially considering it’s a fantasy anyway. Jodie Comer is mesmerising. I wish she’d kept her accent in it though. Joe Keery is great. Taika Waititi is always seconds away from cracking himself up. Ryan Reynolds is the Dwayne Johnson of these kinds of films, in that he always plays himself and yet that’s the right thing for a movie like this.

I recommend it if you’re looking for a way to turn your brain off on a weekend afternoon.

Watched the first half of Mr. Nobody starring Jared Leto. It s like Slaughterhouse Five if Billy Pilgrim had three boring lives instead of one interesting one.

Hungry Are The Damned Sharks

Saw all 4 Jaws movies yesterday on Netflix.

Do NOT try this at home.

Jaws - An America Classic. Still scary. Well done throughout.

Jaws 2 - All right, I suppose. Some tense moments but I couldn’t get past how hungry this shark was. He had just eaten 2 kids earlier in the afternoon, a good 200 lbs of food, and is STILL itching for more.

Jaws 3-D - Still hungry. It ate the British guy whole. And with his carcass STILL IN IT’s THROAT, ate another guy. We know it was still in it’s throat because his outstretched are held the grenade the hero used to blow up the shark.

Jaws 4 The Revenge Richard Jeni summed it up best

I also watched this recently and enjoyed it. Lots of fun moments though I wish they had made a reference to Tron at some point since now it is a “Disney” movie.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. This was fun to watch though it unfortunately had too many slow moments. It sets up the basis for at least two future movies.


Siskel and Ebert had a fun laughing at it when it was released as well.

Started Godzilla vs Kong, but I honestly thought I had come in in the middle of the movie somehow. I doubt I’ll finish it.

Trying to sit through Octopussy for the first time. OMG the dumbth of this movie! Is there an MSTK3 version?

There is one, and only one reason to watch the movie Afterlife of the Party…

Victoria Justice is, in my opinion, the most stunningly beautiful woman acting in movies or television today.

It’s as simple as that.

I had a similar experience watching The Bank Job. Jason Statham was the lead character. He was supposed to be a small time crook who got in over his head in a major robbery.

But this was Jason Statham. I had a hard time accepting him as an underdog character. I kept expecting him to pull out a machine gun and kill everyone who was causing him problems.

That’s the kind of role Statham started out with - take, for instance, his hard-luck boxing promoter in Snatch. I actually prefer him as a sarcastic loser than as a badass.