Movies you've seen recently

I saw this listed highly on Rotten Tomatoes and it is indeed included with Prime. I couldn’t get through it.

I also watched “Flowers in the Attic” with Kristy Swanson, Victoria Tennant, and Louise Fletcher. I know it’s a big young adult title but I’d never read it. I didn’t enjoy it, thought it plodded. That surprised me.

And today I watched “Crazy from the Outside” with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Jeanne Tripplehorn on Tubi. It wasn’t too bad. I felt like it needed a little fleshing out but it was a pleasant enough story. I know he had gone to prison so perhaps it was therapy for him to portray an ex-con

We visited in 2014 and were mostly disappointed. They seemed to lean cartoonish, if that makes sense.

I’m watching Milk right now. A scene that takes place in 1972 of Harvey campaigning on the sidewalk features a 1974 (or later) BMW driving down the street, not once, but 3 times!

Just wanted to point that out.

I belong to a page on FB called “Incredibly Strange Films,” and a few days ago someone started a discussion on a 1991 film called Closet Land. It stars Madeleine Stowe and Alan Rickman. The discussion was intriguing, so I sought it out. I soon learned it wasn’t available on any streaming service, nor on DVD. But, interestingly enough, it’s on YouTube. So I watched it last night. I found it very riveting and terrifying. The acting was superb, and I was glued to the screen the entire time. I am not sure why many of the reviews were lukewarm.

Thanks for the reference. I’ve always been an Alan Rickman fan - he was always a presence no matter what the role.

Currently watching the pseudo-voiceover expose “Sex Madness Revealed” starring Patton Oswalt on the Roku channel Kino Cult.

On the advice of a friend (“I loved it for all the senseless violence”), we watched Nobody last night. Bob Odenkirk as an indestructible killing machine was a bit hard to swallow and the plot was ridiculous. It was funny in a Coen brothers sort of way. I assume/hope that was the point. Entertaining and mindless.

Since my wife and most of our friends are still uncomfortable about going to the theater, I’ve inaugurated a twice monthly outdoor movie night in our backyard. I’ve got a 10’x15’ screen, a video projector, an old Bose surround sound system, a dozen comfortable patio chairs and plenty of blankets. Our first film was Jaws on Sunday night. Everybody knew every scene by heart but nobody got bored. I maintain that it is the most perfect film ever made, and is made all the better when viewed with ten or more people.

Tried and failed to finish.

We’ve been chomping at the bit to see that. But we’re not willing to spend to see it.

I think before the internet, I walked out on maybe one or two films in my life. In fact, I remember when I was out with a group who bailed on “The Cable Guy” with Jim Carrey, and although I agreed it was dumb, I stayed to the end. And it paid off a little…there was enough justification that I didn’t feel like it was a total shaggy dog joke.

Short story long, when something is included with prime or already in something I pay for, I bail if it isn’t working.

For some reason, neither of us ever saw “Exodus”, and since my wife is reading a book about the history of Israel, we decided to watch it. It’s fairly tedious, and of course the dialog is very 1960, but it doesn’t suck. Another hour to go.

A new low in Stupid. Just watched Paradise Cove. Really, really, reeeeeeeeeally stupid movie. Avoid like The Clap! Won’t even go there.

Oh My God! This was unwatchable! What is it with Paul Newman smacking his lips before every line???

Sal Mineo emoting all over the place, not just chewing the scenery, but swallowing it, regurgitating it, and chewing it again. And he won Best Supporting Actor for this thing.

The Secret of My Success

Michael J. Fox (“Family Ties”, Teenwolf) being his Michael J. Fox-iest, in a classic PG-13 80s tale of a smart kid working in the mail room of a major corporation who sees an opportunity to pretend he’s a mid-level executive, thereby proving his worth, taking over the company, and winning the girl (Helen Slater, fresh off her success in Supergirl).

Along the way, much hijinks ensues, including identity confusion, extramarital affairs, and way too many montages, all set to a soundtrack featuring the Casio-keyboard “tink, tink, tinks” of David Foster (St. Elmo’s Fire, “Baywatch”), and a “rockin’” closing credit song by Night Ranger.

One of the most 1980s movies ever.

Watched two films on TV in the UK.

Let Us Prey (2014) A mysterious stranger arrives in a small Scottish town in this Supernatural Horror. Obviously low budget but the cinematography looked good in a strange way. It tried hard to make a coherent narrative which is commendable but the ideas weren’t fully realised by the poor script, average acting and the limited budget which combined to undermine the end result. Had quite a lot of gore. Maybe a less ambitious script and some added humour would have been a better way to go? Talented film maker - Make a Splatter / comedy / horror instead?

The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil (2019) South Korean film with subtitles. A maverick cop wants to catch a serial killer to get promotion. His police bosses, almost openly corrupt or incompetent (or both), don’t even believe the killings are connected. The cop’s only chance is to persuade a gangster boss, who is the only person who has survived an attack by the killer, they should share information while both mount separate investigations using their own differing resources.

Ferocious foul language and very violent. Totally different mood to Hollywood films such as 48 Hours (Nick Nolte as a cop and Eddie Murphy as a villain pair up). I liked it. Inevitably a Hollywood remake is in pre-production.


Correction: he was nominated for the Oscar. He won the Golden Globe.

Filth(2014), on AP, starring James McEvoy is excellent. Tone is slightly reminiscent of Trainspotting.

I love black comedies. Heathers is one of my favorites. But another favorite of mine is a little-known film made in 2010 called Miss Nobody. I think it’s very well done. Have probably watched it at least six times.


Yeah, so this movie was cute enough in parts, but also kind of lame and I feel in some ways misogynistic. I don’t even know if that is the right term, but I found myself skipping bits here and there due to finding the whole thing kind of uncomfortable. I do get that it is mainly a comedy, but I just found the whole thing kind of unappealing. It’s intentionally “trash”, but it didn’t work well enough as a movie. It was only OK for me.

I’d probably recommend skipping it. Read the synopsis and then realize it is even more trashy than the brief description.

Unmasked Part 25 - streams on Tubi(free with ads)

I’d never even heard of this one, but Jay Bauman from redlettermedia recommended this for Halloween this year and let me tell you, it’s actually worth a viewing.

What if the slasher in a horror movie was just lonely…but also kind of condemned to keep killing?

Is this a dark comedy? I guess…but it actually takes itself quite seriously and is a pretty well done movie. I did laugh at the title Unmasked Part 25. Even in 1988, when this movie came out, they were laughing at how many sequels Friday the 13th and the like were getting. This one is supposed to be part 25 of a long running slasher-movie series. It kind of feels like it. If there was a Friday the 13th Part XXV, would he finally take some time to contemplate why he does the things he does?

Check it out. Hey, on Tubi this time, I only had about 3 commercial breaks in the entire 90 minute movie. Very watchable and minimal interruption.

Free Guy - (rented for $7)

Cute. Very cute. I actually kind of like this movie, but cute is the main word. It is clear to me that this movie should have been a straight PG movie instead of PG-13. It’s in many ways a kids movie with just a few references for adults here and there. I think near the end…I mean…we see Captain America’s shield and a light sabre. The whole thing is reference based and very…again…cute.

I liked it more than my little review here indicates. It’s fun, sweet, very mild. Lots of fun little video game references here and there. I did tell my wife that the girl in this(who has a “hot” avatar in game) reminds me of Ready Player One. I now see the screenwriter of this…wrote the Ready Player One screenplay. It’s not theft in any way, but definitely an influence.

Ryan Reynolds is doing another PG version of Deadpool here, kind of like he did in Detective Pikachu. Note: This movie is much better than Detective Pikachu.

Anyway, fun and cute.