"Movin' on down, to the West Side" (SoHo-ish questions for NY'ers)

I may—if Lady Luck doesn’t give me the razz—be getting a new job in the lower SoHo-ish area. Now, I get the bends below Washington Square, so I know nothing about that neighborhood. We’re talking around Varick, Canal.

• Can I walk from the Christopher Street PATH station to the general area of Varick & Canal? Remember, I am a very good walker and hate rush-hour subways.

• What is there in that area? When I was there today it looked very industrial, but then, I only saw two blocks of it, near the Holland Tunnel (no, it’s not that kind of a job!).

• If I get the Ferry from Hoboken to the WTC, is there a bus or subway I can grab uptown?

Great news, Eve.

It’s about a mile from Sheridan Square to Canal & Varick. Definitely walkable. It’s not exactly a walk next to the reservoir: as you said, it is pretty industrial. There is an excellent arthouse movie theatre and bar right on Varick and Canal, and a halfway decent cafe if memory serves.

If you get the ferry to the WTC, jump on the A/C/E and take it one or two stops up to Canal and 6th. That’s about one block away from Varick.

I see the closest library branch is at 66 Leroy Street, off Seventh Ave. South—is it a decent one? Are there any shops, stores, lunchtime window-shopping?

I guess if I’ll be walking down from Christopher Street, I’ll eventually see what there is to be seen . . . I miss Midtown already . . . Lord & Taylor’s . . . the main Library branch . . . Sephora . . . Ze stores! Times Sqvare!

Well, you can walk anywhere right? I think it’s about 3/4 of a mile, or approx 15 blocks/15 minutes. Seems like you could walk straight down 6th Ave. almost all the way, if you want to stick to major streets.

You can take the 1 uptown to Canal St. from Cortland St. (the WTC site). Likewise you can take the 1 dowtown from Christopher St/Sheridan Sq. to Canal.

Good luck on the new gig, Eve.

A couple of transit thoughts:

  1. The Christopher St PATH station is at Christopher St and Greenwich, not Sheridan Square;Seventh Avenue South. This means that you’d have to walk a few blocks east as well as south to Canal Street.

  2. The 1 train runs right up Varick St/Seventh Avenue South/Seventh, stopping right at Canal and Varick.

  3. The best way to get there would probably be PATH to the WTC and the 1 train from Cortland St/WTC to Canal St, except that those darn terrorists blew up the Cortland St station, among other things, and it hasn’t been reopened. It isn’t too long a walk to the Chambers St 1 station, however.

  4. The ferry leaves you off at the World Financial Center, which is a several block walk to the either the exploded Cortland St 1 station or the non-exploded Chambers St 1 station.

Any which way, it would probably be approximately the same level of pain in the ass as getting to the Grand Central Area from Hoboken.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the area, so I can’t really comment on how is it now.

There are some intensely cool japanese import places I know… but you’re not a japanese import toy/anime/video game fan. There’s this little mall on Elizabeth… Past the precinct, second set of glass doors.

There’s a lot of fresh food.

There are some art galleries not far from your path (in West SoHo) that I’ve been meaning to get to, and some trendy eating spots in Tribeca (too rich for my blood, except when work pays for it). I haven’t used the Leroy street library in a while, but it was fine a few decades ago–it’s down the block from Jimmy Walker’s former residence, which you should pay homage to.

And congratulations.

Well, I have no idea how to get you to work…but, tell us a bit more about the gig.
Is it a competitor of your current job? Did you get your walking papers or is this a preemptive strike? Money-wise, can you be happy with this? Career-wise, are there rungs on the ladder?


Snoopy McButtinskiPants

Mind you, I haven’t got the job yet . . . They’re calling me in for a second interview sometime this week, and they may still say, “Take a hike, bimbo.” It’s not in magazine publishing at all; whole new midlife career change (which would mean a considerable cut in salary . . . And probably no daytime Internet surfing!).

I picked up one of those laminated maps this morning and am poring over it . . . Looks like I can • take the PATH from Hoboken to Christopher Street (is that right near the Jefferson Market library?) and walk down any number of Avenues, or take the 1, or • Get the ferry or the PATH to the WTC and take the unexploded 1 (or a bus, novel idea!) uptown.

Sounds like the adjacent neighborhood would be lots of fun to explore—though the immediate area is pretty grim-looking. I assume there’s a Duane Reade somewhere nearby?

S.O.B.'s is down there if you’re into Brazilian/Island/African type music. The Knitting Factory is in that general area, too.

Is there a place in Manhattan where you’re not within a block of a Duane Reade?

Actually, down there you’re close to Duane Street and Reade Street. Coincidence? I think not!

There’s an Eckerd in the World Financial Center.

NO SURFING??? I strongly advise against this position. It’s all about me and my needs, baby!