Moving 'Ed' to Fridays - why, oh why?

One of my favorite nights of TV is Wednesday. Ed, The West Wing and Law & Order. Now they are going to move Ed to Friday when I won’t usually be at home. Yeah, I can tape it and watch it some other time but why are they killing this show? It seems to me that moving a show is usually its death knell. I’m bummed. :rolleyes:

Especially to Friday. And it’s getting the 9:00-10:00 spot, isn’t it? Damn, interesting how the announcment comes out when David Letterman is sick with shingles (he’s one of the producers). Wednesday was the best night of television. Damn, damn, damn.

I’ve been meaning to bring up this Ed question: How did Frankie (the very cute Sabrina Lloyd) join Ed’s firm? I had given up on the show until I heard she was joining the cast (concurrent with fellow Sports Night alum Joshua Malina joining West Wing) but missed the episode where she was introduced.

Bummer it’s moving to Friday. I’ve always wondered how it was doing in the ratings as it is…

Could that help it? L&O:SVU has incredibly strong ratings (well, for a friday night show). Putting Ed right before it might help Ed.

(At least I’m more likely to watch it.)

What are they putting in at 8pm Wednesday?

Frankie was a newly minted lawyer who moved to Stuckeyville with her finacee. (As with all good TV towns, Stuckeyville has unlimited job opportunities and constantly attract newcomers.) She saw Ed in action and wanted to join his firm. She was undaunted when Ed told her he was just a bowling alley lawyer, then worked on a case for him for free, just to impress him. Finally she wore him down and he agreed to take her on. On don’t remember any discussion of how she would be compensated.

And I think Friday nights will kill the show, although I’ll be watching – I’m a middle-aged adult, I have nothing better to do.

Why? I’ll tell ya why! Because I like it and I liked watching it on Wednesdays, and whenever I like a show if it doesn’t get cancelled outright you can bet it will be moved around four times just so I never remeber when to watch.

Bitter? I’m not bitter.

Thanks, kunilou, although…I thought her fiance lived out-of-town…? Oh well, probably a plot thread I missed somewhere along the line.

I also like the presence of Back to the Future’s Thomas Newman as Molly’s beau and Nicki Aycox (a ringer for Kate Hudson) as Stella (though the whole business with Cheswick could get icky). I also only recently discovered that Daryl Mitchell is really wheelchair-bound.

Btw, what ever happened to Kenny? What explanation did they give for his departure?

Oh, and Jana Marie Hupp can be pretty hot when she wants. That is all.

Next Wednesday lists Dateline in Ed’s place but I don’t know if that is permanent or not.

They did a whole episode on why Kenny left and now I can’t remember why…early Alzheimer’s I guess.

He left because he finally got a perfect 300 game and the only way to go was down. Yeah, it was kinda lame, but I like Eli better anyway.

And, as many have mentioned before, it’s pretty obvious why they’re moving it to Fridays. They don’t like it and want to cancel it. What better way to do that than to let it flounder in a terrible time slot? They gave the same crap treatment to “Freaks and Geeks”.

I thought Ed’s first season was very well done. It had an original wholesome quality to it that set it apart from most other shows on television. The whole thing with Ed and Carol was fun, I always watched to see what crazy thing Ed would do next. Then when they brought in that incredibly hot dark haired girl… duno her name, i think she was a lawyer too, but it was worth watching just to look at her.

Lately it seems like the show is slipping, it just isnt as fun anymore. Id like to see Ed do some more crazy chivraly but i guess they did it to death.

The only good thing about this is that I’ll be home to watch it and won’t have to tape it. But that’s IT.

I’ll still watch it, of course. I love the show.

And, Son…, Ed is more mature now. That first season, he was kind of head over heels because he’d just come back to his hometown and just met the love of his high school life again, so he was doing crazy stuff. Now they have Warren to do that.

Besides, according to the teasers for next week’s (Friday) episode,

someone is gonna do the chivalry thing! Either Carol or Frankie, from what the previews said.

I remember reading somewhere that this switch is only temporary. Three weeks is what I heard. Still, whatever their reason for moving it, I’d rather they show repeats for three weeks (which I’m used to from all the other shows I watch) than move it to friggin’ Friday at 9.