Original CSI to be moved to Wed night...I don't like this

Studio Briefing article here

I don’t like this at all because a TV show moving times is bad enough…moving nights is usually the beginning of the end. I know that CSI has gotten lower ratings in recent years, but it’s been a staple of Thursday’s for over a decade.

On a personal note CSI has been the first TV series that I have watched from day one, and have every episode until now. This probably isn’t major for most of you guys out there but I really will miss it when it’s gone (whenever that is…hopefully not soon)

I like it. Wednesday is a vast wasteland while Thursday is overstuffed, so maybe this year I’ll actually be able to see CSI weekly rather than attempt to get caught up a couple times a season.

There’s already too many shows on Wednesday nights. It should move to Friday where there is nothing.

My DVR is overtaxed on Mondays and Thursdays. This will help out in the short run.

But I know what you mean, in that it could be a harbinger of doom, longer term…

Surivivor (which got yanked from Thursday for Big Bang Theory) and Criminal Minds (Original) are doing fine on Wednesday, CSI should continue to pull decent numbers. No net effect on my DVR schedule…

Okay…obviously we watch very different shows then :slight_smile: Now that Off the Map is gone, there isn’t a single thing I watch on Wednesdays (and prior to OTM, there wasn’t anything else I’ve watched on W for a few years), but Fridays have Fringe and Supernatural.

Wednesdays have Survivor, Modern Family, Top Chef, Law & Order & South Park. I hope they don’t put CSI at 10pm.

Discussions like this make me wonder if I need a real life!

My guess is that Criminal Minds will be pushed back to 10pm and CSI will retain the 9pm spot. Well, that’s how I’d do it, if I ran CBS. :slight_smile:

My Wednesday DVR schedule has Survivor, Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, South Park, and Mythbusters (“west coast airing”). That and Thursdays and Sundays are my busiest days.

Since Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior has been, uh, “given to a nice farm family,” you will be able to maintain that night’s amount of DVR goodness.