What's your favorite TV night these days?

Even if it has changed in recent times (2012-2013) which night is the one you want to make sure and watch the tube or at least DVR what’s on that night?

If it has changed significantly and you want to explain why, that’s fine. But what is it NOW?

Sunday, not that I actually watch anything when it’s on. DVR all the way for me.

When you made your latest poll for the purposes of complying data for you alien overlords you left out a none of the above option. In years past I had “must see” nights. Now I have none. If something looks interesting I make sure I DVR it. I’ll watch TV with my girlfriend when we get a chance. Usually catch one show that is taped a night. I literally have no idea what nights my favorite shows air. I just program it and forget it.

I suppose the night that’s currently heaviest on my DVR is Saturday, with Oddities, Odd Folks Home, and Ripper Street. But I’m only likely to watch Ripper Street when it’s on, and I’m about equally likely to watch the other two shows I’m following (Lost Girl and The Americans) on their nights as well.

Thursday-Person Of Interest and Elementary.

NCIS, Vegas and Justified.

Wednesday: Survivor and Nashville.

The only night I watch live is Sunday, Walking Dead and Shameless. OK Walking dead is on DVR but I watch it the same night.

Thursday is still the best:

Community, Parks & Rec, Archer & I still watch the Office just because I’ve come so far

Wednesday is a close second:

Survivor and Modern Family

Archer is my tiebreaker between Thursday and Wednesday.

I’ll have what he’s having.

Almost everything is DVRd, but Thursday is the only night that really matters. Community, BBT, Parks & Rec, Archer… all on Thursday. Every other night is one show, maybe.

Probably Thursday because of NBC’s sitcoms though I usually end up watching most of these online at nbc.com afterwords. The one night that we really get together as a family and watch TV is Sunday night with the Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers.

All of the shows that I watch at night are shown on Friday nights.

GAC Headline Country
The Last Man Standing
Malibu Country
Blue Bloods

God bless you always!!!

I cannot answer this poll, because I don’t actually know when many of the shows I watch are broadcast. We rarely watch anything other than sports ‘live’; the rest I don’t pay much attention to until they show up on the DVR.

I voted “Sunday”, since that’s when my roomate and I watch our DVR shows.

Because Nikita.

Thursday has both Community and Scandal, the only night in the week where there are two shows I’m willing to watch.

I think it’s Monday because of that time we were recording so many shows on Monday night that we couldn’t watch the hockey game.

Tuesdays, although it’s changed a lot over the season. I’m currently watching the three Fox comedies (New Girl, Raising Hope, and The Mindy Project), plus Justified and Cougar Town. Earlier in the season, before schedule shuffling/cancellations/season finales, I was also watching Ben and Kate, Happy Endings, The B— in Apt. 23, and Parenthood.