What's your busiest TV night these days? -- include DVR or Tivo

Now that the series finales for some shows have passed and we’re looking at a new slate of programs, which night of the week do you either watch most or record most of what’s being presented?

Compare What’s your favorite TV night these days? which had 55 votes over the month of March.

Poll on the way…

Fridays. Also aptly named beer and TV night (with steak for dinner):
Kitchen Nightmares
Shark Tank
Bill Maher

Then Spartacus, but that’s over now. :frowning:

Wednesday: The Middle, The Neighbors, Modern Family

At least it was until the season ended.

Thursday by far. The rest of the week is a wasteland in comparison.

Mondays: Wrasslin and HIMYM (+Daily/Colbert)