What's your current TV schedule?

Like, what shows are you watching on which days? Which do you watch while it’s on and which do you record and watch later?

Just curious to see how much peoples’ lists match up (or not).

of the shows I watch as they air

watch Jeopardy when it’s on my local NBC affiliate at 7:30pm Monday-Friday

watch NFL Football when it’s on Sunday during the day on CBS and NBC on FOX. I watched TNF on CBS but this is the last week it’s available on CBS (thanks capitalists)

baseball season is almost over but I’m currently watching the world series on FOX

watch Eastenders on my local PBS station Sunday from 3 to 4am
sometimes I watch The Middle and The Goldbergs Tuesday at 8 on ABC

shows I don’t watch live

don’t have CC so I usually illegally download South Park on Wednesday after it airs

*Sunday: **
Bob’s Burgers
The Simpsons
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Sister Wives
The Last Man On Earth
CSI: Cyber
Last Week Tonight
The Librarians

Doc Martin
Mock The Week
The Big Bang Theory
The Daily Show
The Nightly Show
Murdoch Mysteries
The Late Show [Colbert]

The Grinder
Scream Queens
The Daily Show
The Nightly Show
The Mindy Project
The Muppets
Fresh Off the Boat
The Late Show [Colbert]

The Mysteries of Laura
The Middle
The Goldbergs
Modern Family
Star Wars Rebels
The Daily Show
The Nightly Show
The Late Show [Colbert]
Peep Show*

The Daily Show
The Nightly Show
The Late Show [Colbert]
2 Broke Girls*

Have I Got News for You
The Graham Norton Show
Dr. Ken
The Knick
The Late Show [Colbert]

Dr Who
Saturday Night Live

(* not on yet)

As you can see, I have a lot of free time.

With the advent of the DVR I don’t know which shows are on which days, but Madame P. and I are currently watching:

The Grinder
The Muppets
The Big Bang Theory
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
The Flash
Doctor Who
The Librarians
Heroes Reborn
Wait… QI is back on?

Sunday: John Oliver
Monday: Fargo
Wednesday: Survivor
Baseball when it’s on, so now just the World Series

For some reason, we never got a dvr set up, so I catch shows either as they air or online. On cable, they often rerun the week’s shows multiple times, so it’s not an issue.

My longest-standing addiction is Eastenders (only nine years behind the UK on our PBS station).
I also watch House Hunters, Extreme Homes, and random travel/food shows regularly. Those and Brit-coms are comfort television for me.
I have a weakness for “reality” shows: *90-Day Fiance, Survivor, Big Brother, Vanderpump Rules, People’s Couch. *
I love the Great British Baking Show, which is showing two seasons on our PBS channels.
In a couple of weeks, I’ll slink back to watching The Royals, which is a deliciously horrible show. Imagine a world where Elizabeth Hurley is the queen of England.
I’d watch Graham Norton regularly, but BBC America is so dedicated to running that old BBC classic, Star Trek: The Next Generation, that they can’t always fit much else in the schedule.

I DVR everything and watch it later.

Rick and Morty on Cartoon Channel’s Adult Swim. A very funny animated sf spoof.

Archer on FX. A very funny animated spy spoof.

Also Fargo on FX. I’m enjoying the second season now.

On PBS, the occasional documentary (usually history, natural sciences or militaria), and Downtown Abbey and Sherlock, when they’re on.

I watch Agents of Shield.

I’ll watch Elementary when the new season starts next month.

I watched the first episode of Wicked City and that was good enough that I’ll watch a few more.

I generally watch Buffalo Bills games and sometimes other NFL games.

The Good Wife
The Muppets
Better Call Saul
The Walking Dead
(whenever it returns)

Watch live (or on demand because of late hour or schedule conflict):
The Knick
Home Fires (PBS)
Indian Summers (PBS)
Blazers games
Nightly local and national news

Breaking Bad on Netflix

The Comedy Central channel on my Roku has their shows. I watch the Daily Show on it. The channel is free and they only have a few commercials in the show.

I should have added that have seasons that haven’t started yet:
Veep, Game of Thrones, Archer, The Americans and Silicon Valley

I don’t watch them any particular day, but I watch these regularly:

Agents of SHIELD
Cougar Town
Rick and Morty
Family Guy
Chicago PD

Monday: Supergirl, with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend online.
Tuesday: iZombie
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Scandal
Friday: Grimm or Great Performances
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Doctor Who on iTunes; Masterpiece Mystery. Sometimes Bob’s Burgers

This is typical for me; I don’t like to tie up my evenings with multiple shows. And it’s only when new episodes air. During reruns, I don’t watch.

I don’t watch anything live, but currently:

The Walking Dead
Project Runway
The Leftovers

and when they’re back on:

Better Call Saul
Game of Thrones

Damn, ZipperJJ, that’s impressive.

Generally I watch the following when they are on:

The Universe
Through the Wormhole
Mythbusters (this seems to be the last season)
Overhaulin’, Bitching Rides, Wheeler Dealers (and a couple more on Velocity)
Outrageous acts of Science
Wonders of the Solar System
Fact or Fiction, 10 things you didn’t know about

Those are the ones I try and catch every week. I also like shows on archeology, space exploration, history and things of that nature that come on the various channels I look at (NatGeo, Science, Discovery, History, TLC, etc)

I don’t watch anything but sports live. Everything else is, at a minimum, delayed 20 minutes so I can skip commercials.
I usually watch (don’t know the nights anymore):

Agents of SHIELD
Modern Family
Person of Interest

I record too much to even begin listing.

Watch as it airs, pretty much only NXT on WWE Network, plus the various PPV’s of the month.

I used to watch Raw live but it’s much easier to DVR it and start watching sometime after 9:30. A 3hr show usually only lasts 90mins (sometimes less) when you 30sec skip past the commercials and other assorted garbage Raw winds up bloated with.

If that’s like most of the other Roku outlets for real TV channels, it won’t run full episodes (other than an occasional episode they decide to let you watch to promote the service) unless you have an active cable subscription to a package that includes the channel.

FXNow won’t even let me run their movies because Comcast won’t carry FXM (at least not locally) and it somehow knows this. So I just get FX and FXX shows on that roku channel.

FoxNow stupidly won’t even let you run shows that run OVER THE FUCKING AIR unless you have Fox over cable.

Not always even then. It has to be a cable company that has an agreement with the broadcasting network.

Time Warner doesn’t. I can watch ABC shows on cable but ABC’s website doesn’t accept Time Warner as a legitimate cable provider for letting me watch shows on their website.

The 2016 season will be the last season.