Moving someone's remains

Well, this should generate some interesting answers.

I’ve done a lot of genealogy research on my family. My great grandfather was a Civil War vet who was estranged from his wife for many years and who ended up committing suicide in California in 1909. I found out recently that he is buried in the Santa Barbara Cemetery with a military headstone.

My family has a plot in Portland, OR and I’ve been contemplating having his remains relocated there. Or maybe having whatever remains are left cremated and then taking them to OR for interrment.

Does anyone have any idea what is needed to accomplish such a thing? Is it even possible? Am I wasting my time with this? I’m not a religious person by any means, but this whole situation just seems so…lonely.

This seems to be partly GQ and partly IMHO. I’ll leave it to the mods.

All I can say is that yes, it’s possible. My parents had my brother’s remains moved from Texas to Massachusetts. I know nothing about the logistics of the move, though.