Moving subscribed threads into a different folder?

The default is that subscribed threads go into a single folder called Subscriptions. You can set up additonal folders and then if you manually subscribe to a thread it gives you the choice of which folder. But is there any way to move a thread directly out of Subscriptions into a different folder? The only way I’ve been able to find is to unsubscribe from the thread, then resubscribe to get the option of which folder I want it in. I’m trying to sort out my 1000+ entries in my Subscriptions folder and doing it one at a time would take forever.

Go to your User Control Panel >> Select List Subscriptions >> Put checks in the boxes for the threads you want to move >> In the Selected Threads box, choose Move to Folder >> Press Go >> In the Folder Name box, select the folder you want to move the subscription to >> Press Move Items

Ah, and I thought those boxes referred only to e-mail notification. Thank you so much!

You can? I never knew that.

Go to your User Control Panel >> Click on Edit Folders

In the top section, rename or delete folders. In the bottom section, add folders.

Press Save Folders when you’re done.

Sorry, you should click on the Edit Folders link in the Subscribed Threads section. There’s another Edit Folders link under the Private Messages section, so make sure you get the right one.