Threads Being Moved to a New Forum

Is this still a thing that happens? And is there any kind of flag to indicate that it has happened?

Yeah, it still happens. And like on the old boards, the moderator will indicate that he moved the topic.

Thanks, but what about in the Forum threads list? If my Cafe Society thread* gets moved to Thread Games, how do I find it when I go back to the Cafe Society thread?

*(Not even necessarily a thread I submitted; just one I’m following…)

@kaylasdad99 are you really asking ‘Where is my subscribed threads list’?

No. I’ve never subscribed to a thread. But when I look for a thread on the front page of a given forum. I’m used to finding out that a given thread has been moved. Has that feature been discarded in the move to Discourse?

I’m curious about that. I follow the “order if the stick” thread. The other day i got an email that the comic had been updated, and I wanted to find the thread and post the link to the new strip. But i couldn’t find “subscribed threads.” It hasn’t been posted to in a while so it was really far down in the cafe society endless scroll. (No jumping to a page to guess “about where?”) It obviously wasn’t in my “unread threads” menu, as I’d read the latest update.

How are other people dealing with that sort of issue here? Is this like Facebook where you just can’t find something if there hasn’t been recent activity?

What about the search option?

I don’t know how we managed to find all the threads (ones we posted to or otherwise) we wanted to follow before we all started subscribing to them. A lot of vanity searches IIRC.

In any case, for threads you like, you can use hit the bell on the right and set it to Watching. When someone posts to it, you’ll get a notification on your avatar at the upper right hand corner.
You may want to go into your settings and tweak exactly how/when things get tracked or watched and what exactly happens when someone posts to a thread you’re tracking or watching.

Give it a shot, it makes finding threads you like a lot easier. If you don’t like it, you can always stop.

That’s what I used, but I’m not good at remembering the right “magic word” for search to work. I used to rely heavily on subscribing to threads, and it doesn’t really work in this software, unless people are currently posting to it. And yet… my memory sucks. Sometimes I want to reread something, even if there are no new posts.

I’m finding it very frustrating to find stuff, and if anyone has a solution other than “you need to remember that person’s name so you can search” I’d be grateful.

I haven’t played with it yet, but there is a ‘bookmark’ option at the bottom of each thread and if you click on your avatar, there’s a link to show you all your bookmarked threads.
Also, if you go to your profile/summary page and click on the ‘activity’ tab there’s a some buttons down the side, topics and replies might be similar to looking through all your subscribed threads on vb.

Thanks, I will check out “bookmarking”. The activity summary was less helpful than i wanted, as it seemed to be a record of every post I made. And I wanted a (shorter, less duplicative) list of threads.

I haven’t played with any of them yet. Until you mentioned it, I hadn’t given much thought to the fact that there isn’t an any type of ‘all subscribed threads’ button.

Type in ‘order of the stick’.
If there are too many results, click on ‘matching in title only’ in the advanced search.
Doesn’t sound too complicated. :slight_smile:


In this case, I was able to remember the name of the thread. That’s OFTEN not the case. I am really bad with names. Like, I’ve looked at old email to remind myself what my boss’s name is. This isn’t creeping senility, my first memory of blanking on a friend’s name is from when I was 5. I suppose it’s a minor form of disability.

So any solution that relies on “remember the right magic words” is not a good solution for me. I used to use “subscribed threads” all the time to look for old threads that I was interested in, and might want to re-read or add something to. I am looking for a replacement functionality in this software that does NOT rely on typing in magic words.

Even when I do remember the right words (such as the last time I searched for the order of the stick thread) I find it stressful, because it reminds me of my name-blindness. Maybe my disability makes me a tiny minority that simply isn’t served by this software, but I’m hopeful that isn’t the case. I plan to play with “bookmarking”, although I’m not sure that works at all in mobile. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure it works in mobile. You can see your bookmarks under your avatar at the top, or in your profile, under Activity > Bookmarks.

And Activity > Topics will show you a list of all the topics (threads) you’ve posted in.

Watching is also useful.


Watching is not useful for a thread that hasn’t had recent activity.

How can I bookmark a thread I want to return to when I am in mobile?

This seems to show a list of topics I have created, not topics I have posted in. That’s a useful thing, too, just not what I expected from your post.

Sorry, you’re right. In the advanced search you can find topics you’ve posted in.

There’s a bookmark button at the bottom of the thread.

On mobile, there’s a button that says “Topic Controls”. If you click on that, it will bring down a menu with bookmark on it.

Look. I just want to be able to scroll through a sub-forum and see that individual threads have been moved to a different sub-forum. Is that still a thing or is it not?