Moving to Amarillo

I will be moving to Amarillo Texas in September. Has anyone lived their?

How did you feel about the weather, people, and entertainment?

We like to do outdoor sports such as running cycling or hiking- would it be good for such hobbies?

Where did you live? Why did you like it, or not? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Although Amarillo appears to be fairly South on the map, it’s about 3300’ elevation, so it gets colder in the winter than you might expect (although this winter has been pretty mild). And it’s windy a good bit of the time.

Great for cycling, it’s very flat for the most part. Palo Duro canyon is just a few miles South of town for hiking, if you want to hike up and down something. There are running events fairly often, it seems. 5K and 10K fun runs, that sort of thing.

A few lakes within an hours drive for camping, boating, swimming, hiking, etc.

It’s only about 5 hours to Taos, NM to ski.

All the concerts have bypassed Amarillo in favor of Lubbock a couple of hours South. You can still catch small acts at bars, and once in a great while a headline act will stop. Lots of bars.

It’s only about 150K population, so it still has a small town feel to it, friendly people for the most part IMHO. Southwest serves AMA, so you can get out of town cheaply. They run $40 ea way to Dallas fairly regularly, 5 hr. drive.

Fairly decent hospitals and schools.

I don’t currently live there, but if you have any specific questions, I can try to help.