Moving to Atlanta - tell me what you think of the place

Well, it looks almost certain that I will be moving from South Florida to Atlanta, GA within the next few months. I haven’t lived long in South Florida, I moved here from South Africa less than a year ago.

So, tell me what’s interesting in Atlanta. I am a 25 year old single guy who enjoys places that have a good nightlife. From what I see Atlanta looks like a pretty metropolitan place. What do you guys think? Any recommendations for places to see nd things I should watch out for? I will be working in the Buckhead area and would like to rent a place there to avoid the traffic (I hear it’s really bad there).


Atlanta traffic was terrible when I lived there.

Living in Buckhead (and partying there) is expensive.

There are great local theaters and museums.

There are both NHL and ECHL hockey teams. Or you can drive down to Columbus and go to a Cottonmouths game with me.

I’m a country girl, so I got my graduate degree in Atlanta and left - it is much more impersonal than a smaller town. It’s not as “Southern” if that makes any sense. During the 3 1/2 years I lived there I met exactly one person who was actually from Atlanta.

Welcome to Georgia! Atlanta has a lot to offer. If you want more info on specific areas of interest, just holler!

Buckhead traffic is no fun. Plus, it’s dreadfully expensive (moreso than South Florida, probably). I would recommend living outside of Atlanta proper but close to Buckhead, like perhaps Druid Hills or in that vicinity.

I grew up in Atlanta (people will make this claim all the time and then you find out they’re really from Marietta or Alpharetta or some such place. I’m actually from the city. Yeah, I’m special!) Atlanta is great. I miss the hills, the shade (it’s too damn sunny here), and the people. It’s also rapidly changing. I moved away about seven years ago, and whenever I visit I get more and more disoriented because there are new buildings, new roads, and new names for old roads all over the place. It makes me said :frowning:

Virginia Highlands (or Poncy-Highlands, as some people like to call it) is an alternative to Buckhead. More of a laidback crowd. Midtown (an area I define as a lying in the three mile radius area around Piedmont Park) has clubs, hip restaurants, and a colorful art scene. There are happening spots all over town, though.

We have “New Times” here in South Florida… In ATlanta, the free newspaper is the “Creative Loafing” (or at least it usta be). If you want to have fun, it will point you to the right places.

Thanks Snakescatlady and monstro for the helpful advice. I have been looking at the apartment rental prices for both Buckhead and Druid Hills, Druid Hills appears to be cheaper for the one bedroom, but I’d be looking at a two bedroom and those seem to be similarly priced. Would you say the additional cost of Buckhead also affects day to day living (i.e. the cost of food or going out)? I will be working in Buckhead so if the traffic is bad I’d like to limit the amount of driving I do.

I think I know what you mean by not being “Southern”, so I guess I’ll do some out of city travelling to get the true Georgia feel. Before moving to the US the only thing I knew of Georgia was that R.E.M. came from there. I presume they’re not doing all that many shows any more though :frowning:

Personally, I think it’s going to be great, from what I see of the city in pictures, it’s very green, and possibly more similar to growing up in Cape Town, which would be great. Florida’s always been a little too humid and flat for my liking. They should have that seen to :wink:

Druid Hills in the house! Well I used to live there, about four years ago, after living in Boston and Central Coast California. As a native Texan it was nice to be back in the south - people are similar attitude-wise to us, and friendly.

Having said that, Atlanta traffic is shit. The roads around DH, like Briarcliff, and Ponce, were probably sufficient in the 1970s but woefully inadequate for the modern day (like having only two lanes in some places. Honestly, it was so bad, that if I wanted to go to Lenox Mall, I either would go in the early morning or late at night - it was murderous from 3-7 pm. The highways aren’t much better either; 75/85 traffic is always bumper to bumper, and the same for 285. However if I traveled on 20 I rarely had huge traffic issues.

MARTA’s value is questionable because of the cross-shape. If you are going someplace on the cross, great. If not, you’ll either have to cab it, take a bus, or walk it. But I do feel that MARTA to Hartsfield is probably the best subway-airport connection around.

VA-Hi is pretty good but I always thought it was a little pricey. I like to eat so Five Corners and Ponce are favorite places, as well as Decatur. I also have a soft spot for Doc Chey’s across from Emory. I was married in my late 20s when I lived in the ATL so I never ventured out to Buckhead, which always struck me as a fast-paced, single, upmarket sort of scene. If I went out it was typically to bars in Decatur, Va-Hi, or places on Ponce heading downtown.

Atlanta is a nice town but as monstro notes, natives are a rarity. I once read that Atlanta is among the cities that has the fewest number of natives living there of all the major metropolitan areas in the US. It is mighty green; again, I read somewhere that there are more trees per capita in Atlanta than in any other US city. A friend from California stated that he had never seen so many joggers in one place, so you might also surmise that folks like to stay fit. The other half eat at the Varsity on a daily basis

Based on your username, I figure you will head to Athens. You will definitely see rural Georgia on the way there, and when I visited Athens it was always in the summer, so it was quiet.

Thanks Hippy Hollow! Your description of Buckhead gives me the impression that a) I’m gonna like it a lot and b) I’d better start saving :wink: I will be working right near the Lenox Square Mall, I guess that means my commute will be somewhat lousy.

I’m pretty sure I’ll see Athens, it sounds like it has an interesting music scene even today.

I think the other posters have Atlanta pretty much nailed. Traffic sucks. Try to get a commuting route that goes opposite the prevailing traffic flow if you can. If you’re going to be working near Lenox Square (I used to do that), you’re right. You’re in for traffic. I live about 17 miles north of there, and my rush hour commute took about 45 minutes on the average.

Can’t help with nightlife – I’m old, and I live out in the 'burbs. But I’m reasonably sure that there’s lots of happening things going on down ITP (Inside the Perimeter.)


Thanks. What about making sure to rent an apartment on the MARTA line? I think my office is close to the Buckhead station. Inside the parameter means inside the I-275, right?

An apt. on MARTA would be a good idea too. For a while I lived between Peachtree Rd. and Buford Hwy, about 4 miles from Lenox Sq. That was a sweet commute.

Yes, sorry, the Perimeter [highway] is what we call I-285 (not 275).