Moving to Orlando - what should I know?

Major life change coming up, but planned for years: The L1ves family is relocating from Boston and perpetual slushy snow after many years, and heading to the south and the sun so I can take a new job (and promotion) in the Land of the Mouse. The company is paying for everything too.

But we’ve never actually been to Orlando, and we’ve never been to Florida in the summer, either. The kids were never interested in Mickey so we always went elsewhere on trips. Even my in-person interview was in the Jupiter office, since the manager was visiting there. We’re looking for a house on the east side, not too far from UCF, to limit my commuting times (it’s been over an hour each way for far too long). Prices are low enough we can pay cash, too.

We don’t know the neighborhoods very well, but we’d like to be among other Yank transplants, or Latinos, not so much of a Southern-culture influence. We don’t want snooty either, though (like Winter Park?); just an affordable but noncrappy area and a house we can eventually retire in, and not too far from the highways either.

Any recommendations from my future fellow Floridopers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

They are not mexicans, they are cubans.

Gators or Seminoles, pick one and stick to it.

Alligators were there first and do not acknowledge our dominion of the land.

It rains for a few minutes right around sunset fairly often.

Marry a roofing contractor.

August will have you missing perpetually slushy snow.

it is in Florida the hang down dangly state…

bugs are much bigger and numerous and don’t have a seasonal die-off.

By coincidence I was just looking at Orlando on google maps - seems to be a hell of a lot of lakes there for a city

If you’ve never even been to the city before, rent somewhere for a year before buying. Otherwise you’re going in completely blind and will make a mistake.

Speaking from awful experience.

I had thought Puerto Ricans predominated there, with the Cubans sticking to Miami. But what do I know?

Easy. Seminoles, for family reasons. So that’s sorted.

We know we need an alligator-proof fence for the yard. Our bite-sized dog does not recognize that larger creatures, or vehicles, don’t respond to barking.

That leads me to another question or two: Is a pool in the back yard considered a necessity of life? I could do without the expense and bother if it would only be for occasional use.

Also, is the climate along the coast noticeably more tolerable than in the city? Titusville would be a doable commute, but only if it’s worth it.

Isn’t that what the Mexicans are for? :wink:

We’re looking at the Union Park / University Park / Azalea Park area, FWIW.

We’d considered that, but we don’t want to move all that often, either. I don’t actually need to work for more than a single-digit number of years anyway, worst case. Since we expect to own the house outright, it would simplify moving later on, too.

There’s no such thing; I’ve seen video of a gator going straight up a 10-foot concrete wall. Explosives might work. Keep a constant eye on Joe K9.

My daughter lives in this area - she seems to like it, and no gators have eaten her pug or her roomie’s Jack Russell… :smiley:

I second the recommendation to rent before buying. My inlaws live in Ocala, and they’re pretty much stuck there because real estate quit moving since 2008. And I’ve got a BIL south of Orlando who’s upside-down on his place and desperate to get out of the house. Maybe things will pick up soon - who knows? Of course, my first recommendation would be to avoid Florida at all costs, but that’s just me.

And, personally, I think a pool is more work than it’s worth, and it can be a disadvantage when time comes to sell the house. I don’t know how much it reduces the number of buyers, but we always avoided properties with pools.

Hope you like Orlando. I know some folks love it there. I wouldn’t live there if you paid me… Then again, I’m an old grouch. :smiley:

Avoid International Drive during big conventions (like Mega-con) heck probably best to just avoid International Drive unless you work on it. I think it’s mostly for tourists anyway.

It’s the air that’s slushy, right?

This. I thought that the tales of 4-5 inch cockroaches were hyperbole.