Mozila and Viruses

Yes, I have surfed porn sites :eek: . Now that my nastey little serect is out, does using Mozila really provide me with any benifit (as opposed to IE) from picking up those annoying, nasty viriuses that come along with this practice? :frowning: Or am I just another victium of being to hopeful and trusting of marketing. Not that Moziliza markets itself as the the porn surfers browser of choice mind you. :wink:

You’re obviously unfamiliar with Pornzilla.

Sorry, but I’m going on hiathus for while now . . . :smiley:

I was so hoping to post that link when I read the OP.

Aside from being safer, Mozilla has many tools to make the porn experience faster and more efficient.

Or so I’ve heard.

It’s definitely less likely to install things on your computer - in fact, I’m not certain that it would be possible. IE, especially in its default configuration, allows sites to run insecure scripts that can install things and whatnot. Mozilla doesn’t even have the capacity to run ActiveX.

Linky is an extension that makes it easy to open lots of image links in tabs. Faster and easier. Now I just need an extension that lets me use my left hand on the keyboard to control the computer so my right hand is free for, um, holding my coffee cup. And stuff.