Mr. Blue Sky, you are an idiot

Yeah, you heard me. You have a suck ass job. You can’t find a new job. You suffer from a disease called complacency. You coulda been more than you are, but you chose the easy way out and now you are paying the price.

You are a reasonably intelligent person and well-organized and can do most any job you put your mind to, but you have chosen not to take advantage of your gifts. By the time you realized your current job is going nowhere, it was too late and you are trapped like the maggot-filled rat that fell out of the ceiling over your co-worker’s desk last month.

Now you are desparately trying to bank on employment agencies, friends, and former co-workers to find a new job before you do something stupid and get dumb ass fired.

I would say more, but I’ve wasted enough time. Get off your sorry ass and do something!

And you can’t rant for shit;)

Yeah, and you can start by not posting at work, like I do. D’OH!!!